Jahkorii The Dragon.


Lightning Strike; Her claws would siege with electricity, sending a jolt of lightning through her target if hit. 

Gust; Korii would flap her wings in a powerful arc, sending a huge gust of air.

Shock; Lightning created in a area in the dragons chest will rise up and shoot from the dragons throat. An odd attack, but convenient. 

Bite; Her jaws lock on her target as she bites them. Or eats them. Don’t make her pissed when she’s hungry.

Scratch-swipe; The dragon would send their claws forward and scratch their opponent, or smack them out of the way.

Etcetera.: Not an attack. This may be obvious, but in case needed, there it is.


Who Am I...

A dark blue and silver dragon of lightning.

My Appearance

Seen in profile picture and the one seen below it.

Age; Korii is a young adult of 26 years. {This dragon is ‘immortal,’ meaning, she can’t die normally. She isn’t living forever though. She can be killed.}

Height; 9 ft and a half.

Colors; Jahkorii has a main color of dark blue. Under-scales being a light, pale silver.

Eyes; Yellow eyes. They are reptilian.. Cat-like.

Wing-Span; 10 ft and 11 inches.

Claw Width-length; 2 and a quarter inches wide, 3 inches in length.

Body Type; Lean and lithe. Somewhat petite for a dragon.

Ability-“Type”; Lightning, Storm. Slight wind.