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A Young Warrior

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Since learning of the existence of the Multiverse, Yautja have sent several clans to what they believe could be an ultimate expansion of their race’s hunting grounds. Convening on an abandoned planet, which they made their second homeworld (more accessible to the Multiverse) they began civilization over here, crowning Elites, making new Youngbloods, and even electing a Clan Leader.


Some time later, several hundred years in, the Clan Leader, Thahto, had moved into the rank of Elder. Now ruler of their planet, his only successor was his second son, as his first had perished in battle as only a Blooded. The second son, T’o’ka, found a mate and had his own son, Paya’twei (meaning Blood of God, as he was a decedent of their Elder.)


Paya’Twei grew into a strong Youngblood fighter, but before long he was sent to the other planets with other Youngbloods, to test their skill of the hunt and see who among them would become Blooded (reach adulthood through a successful hunt).


Despite his skill, many of the prey on these planets eluded Paya, and he would fail his first few hunts. With his father and the Elder disappointed, he would return to the outer planets and this time, he would encounter Xenomorphs (the ultimate prey of their honored clans). He would manage to kill several before encountering a strange Hybrid (Specimen #10). Some abomination fusing of a Xenomorph and a human, but stronger than both. After two unsuccessful hunts, Paya returned home. to seek council and new weapons.


During his time back on their planet, another Youngblood took his place hunting the creature. It would be attacked and fled the creature, being recovered by Elites only to later die of his wounds.


Enraged, the Elder and Clan Leader sent Paya and four other Youngbloods down to the planet to exterminate the beast. Paya found it once again and battled it to a stalemate, during which Paya lost most of his right leg. The Xenomorph was captured by an unknown party, and Paya was recovered before falling into enemy hands. The Elites of the clan fanned out through the planets, eventually finding a place where they could attach an enhanced mechanical limb in place of his own.


Paya was sent back to homeworld, where the Elder Thahto forbid him from leaving again until he learned to use his knew attachment efficiently in battle…

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Wrist Bracer Blades, Medical Comp, Plasma Castor, Throwing Disc, Samurai Sword, Helmet/Visor, Various Other Tools