Thera Claw


The truth about Thera’s mysterious past was finally revealed. She was abducted as a small child and raised in the circus. When she reached her young teen ages and became unruly, as perusal for werecats, the circus owners put a shock collar around her neck to control her, which left several burns around her neck. When she didn’t take kindly to being shocked she was thrown in a cage. When she behaved she was allowed out of the cage, only to be posed for photos. She continued on as one of the main attractions for several years, escaping when someone forgot to lock the cage door.

Who Am I...

For the most part, a normal 18 year old girl.

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Thera is a 18 year old werecat. She has the coat of a mountain lion without the white belly, stands around 5 foot 5 inches tall. Green eyes, dark, curly hair. She is typically wearing a revealing gold sparkly leotard. She has gold bangles on her wrist and gold bands around her tail. Thera also has burn marks around her neck from a shock collar the people at the circus used to overwhelm/punish Thera when she acted out.

My Secrets Are...

Things she doesn’t want to talk about because she’s not ready to admit them.

I Believe...

Thera believes that she’s not that different from everyone else, because she know that there’s a monster in everyone.