Caldori Simmons

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Cal, Callie, Rain Woman


Physically 23. True Age is approximately 330. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Freckled skin.


Demi-Goddess, Daughter of Zeus. One of many children.


Single. Asexual. Uninterested in relationships. You can blame her father for that.




The day that Caldori was born, a storm broke out. It was horrid, people were unable to go anywhere because they couldn’t see through the rain. Thunder crashed and lightning constantly struck down on something. Luckily her mother Freya, a human, was already at a hospital. As she gave birth to Caldori, the power in the hospital flickered a few times until it finally went out for approximately ten minutes. Caldori was born, a pale little thing with pure black hair and clear blue eyes.


“Stay close enough to where I can see you, Callie!” Her mother called out one day to the 10-year-old. Caldori had gone out to play on a rainy day. While she played, someone had lost control of their car and were racing right for the girl who had decided to go out into the road to splash in the puddles. Freya saw the car at the last moment and ran outside, only to see that the car had come to a stop. The front of the car was completely wrecked, and what looked like bolts of electricity traveled all around the car. The 10-year-old Caldori was standing on the road, staring at the car in front of her. This was the moment that Caldori had realized that she was different from everyone else.


A couple of hundred years later, Caldori has grown into her powers. She made no effort to make new friends as she knew that she would only outlive them. Caldori doesn’t speak to her father. And what’s more, she hardly speaks to any of her family. She’s the loner type. The dance-in-the-rain type. Caldori is the Rain Woman.




As a daughter of Zeus, Caldori can have a bit of an anger issue. But she doesn’t like to act on her anger. Instead, Cal is the type to bottle of her emotions, which only makes the storm that follows her worse at times. Caldori is normally a quiet, gentle person who doesn’t care much for her family or other people.

Cal doesn’t like confrontation if she can avoid it. The young Demigoddess prefers to be alone as often as possible. She doesn’t know what it’s like to be in the sun due to how the rain follows her wherever she goes. Which does get a little depressing. But Caldori has grown used to it.


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When around people that she doesn’t like, Caldori can be shown as a cold person. She is extremely blunt and doesn’t seem to care how it may affect whoever is annoying her. Cal doesn’t mean anything by it, however, as she just doesn’t know what it’s like to have true friends.

Who Am I...

Daughter of Zeus. The Rain Woman.

Romantic Interests

Not interested. Go away.

Relationship Status

Singe. Asexual. Go away.

My Story Is...


“Thunder roars but does not strike. Lightning strikes but does not roar. Choose to be Lightning.”



A pack of cigarettes, cellphone

I Believe...

My father is a whore who needs to keep it in his pants.