The Red Asher, Askendaraudr

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Who Am I...

The Red Asher.

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My Story Is...

Once, I was the scourge of Windblade Valley. One of the oldest and mightiest dragons left in the North, I was feared across the land as a bringer of death and a sower of calamity. Always, I valued my independence, and so refused offers from those who sought my service. This drew the ire of the notorious crime lord Shatter, who sought to have me slain. So, too, did the five Knight-Kings of the warlike land of Cansona, for they would suffer no monster to roam their lands or skies.


And in those days, I was a monster indeed.


Of all the dragon slayers in the North, the ones sent by Knight-king Miccolo were the most dangerous. Riding hippogryphs into battle with enchanted lances, they almost served as more than simple entertainment.


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That one time I fought all the Knight-kings at once. A fond memory of a simpler age.


It was not long after devouring those knights that I caught word that a Cansonan village had been newly established on Cloudcross Mountain, well past the border between Ventus and Cansona. Being the curious sort, I decided to investigate (read: obliterate), and it was during said investigation that I came upon the person who would change everything: Solringen.


A ranger from Oria who had ventured into the mountains on assignment, he stood against me that day, in the ashes of the Cansonan settlement, armed with a bladed lance and courage like I’d never seen from any man before. Eyes burning bright enough to make a fire dragon like myself proud.


He charged. I charged. The matter seemed simple enough. I was as big as the mountain. He was… well, man-sized. The outcome should have been obvious.

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My clash with Solringen atop Cloudcross Mountain. A portrait finish for sure.


But, as I have come to realize, things are rarely as simple as they seem.

My Appearance

My true shape, and the one I use most often, is that of a colossal fire dragon whose scales shine a burnt red. My most distinctive feature is my fin-like tail. My dimensions are approximately as follows, for those curious:

1900 meters from snout to tail-tip

250 meters at the shoulder

500 meters at full height

1700 meter wingspan

Red, dragon, rock, forest; Dragons


Should the size of my natural shape prove a hindrance, I resort to the form I sometimes took in the company of Solringen: a tall, slim, maroon-haired man.

Robert Carlyle

My Secrets Are...

None; at least, none anymore.