Runa Longsword the Ruiner


Who Am I...

Our Lady of Perpetual Ass-Kicking

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Cursed to Fail at Monogamy

My Story Is...

Er’el – Hero – Valiant One 

That is what Runa used to be. She doesn’t remember much of those days, when she was among third highest ranking angels below God, the Erelim, an angelhood dedicated to Earthly justice. Memories of Heaven, of the Glory of God, it is all very distant and full of sadness and rage for her, as she now lives in utter shadow, forgotten by such grace.

But she does remember why she’s no longer in that grace.


It had been after the Flood, when the world was filled anew with life, but not absent sin. Remnants of horrible things that still survived after the waters that were meant to wipe them out needed to be found and destroyed by the Erelim and put down.


It was in fulfilling those duties that they too fell to sin. A temptress, a witch, beautiful, dangerous, full of power. She knew things that drew the angel to her, and with her, Runa committed many sins, mostly of the flesh. Her mission was a distant memory, forgotten, and with an angel trapped in her bed, the witch committed horrors.


Other Erelim came along, freed Runa from her blissful stupor, and in a selfish, heartbroken rage, she killed the witch. But her anger was her own, not the Wrath of God, and thus also a sin. So plentiful had her sinning been that she was rejected, the light stripped from her, and she was left on Earth, fallen.

However, she knew even though she could no longer go back to God, she would not serve in Hell. And so Runa wandered the Earth, sinning beautifully. She found more women to love and gave them children if she could. She found other lords to serve, and gave them the blood of their enemies if she could. She found other kingdoms in which to live, and laid her head down to rest if she could.


So she’s lived, so she’s sinned, so she’s ruined lives a-plenty. Her children, blessed and damned with divine power beyond mortal understanding, and her many wives, cursed with a lack of ability to sometimes withstand her odd mood-swings, did not live long lives, either fleeing her as she raged, or being killed by small-minded humans that could not understand her fallen divinity. The lords she served were greedy, and she could never kill enough for them, and so sometimes she took their heads. Kingdoms would never be as eternal as Heaven, and so fell after a time.


She’s lived.

She’s sinned.

And she’s ruined lives a-plenty.

My Appearance

The utterly imposing figure of Runa is shocking to most. She is enormous for anything of womanly shape, more than seven feet high, with arms like tree-limbs, features sharp as a mountain, eyes like the sea and the sky on a stormy day, and a demeanor to match. Her body is not so much made of gentle curves as much as it seems mined from a quarry.


Her skin is pale, but not sickly, and instead glows in low-lighting, but not with ‘light’. Dark hair crowns her head, and often seems possessed with a strange wind only it experiences. The odd feather falls from it as well, or can be found hidden among the braids and beads within the dark, tangled tresses.


And most startling, the wings she manifests at will. Large, skeletal, rotting, still shedding flesh and feathers it seems in an eternal festering wound. And yet, they do not impede her ability to fly, still allowing her to soar through the sky.


Fear is not an unusual response when she enters a room, and fear is definitely not unusual when she runs screaming into the battlefield. For an aura of darkness swirls around her, sometimes alluring, but always chilling. A general feeling of gloom can follow her like a shade, like a storm cloud over her head. But not all find sadness in the storm, for even Runa finds the crash of lightning and downpour of rain as refreshing… a kind of renewal. And as such, while the darkness may never leave, it isn’t always sad.


Ruiner Blade – It used to be a flaming sword of righteousness. Now, it only burns with sorrow. All the sinning that Runa has done, the suffering she’s endured and caused others to endure, it empowers this blade. While at any other point it appears as a blade oddly made from stone, from hilt to the blunted tip, and is wielded as more of a club than a sword, when fully empowered, it turns to a razor-edged blade of glowing obsidian, capable of cleaving through most things (unless they are similarly empowered to endure such might). Those cut with it experience the suffering they’ve caused others to endure. It isn’t a recommended experience if you’ve lived a wretched life.


Weather Control – Though fallen, Runa’s nature as a being created by the Creator still lingers, giving her a oneness with the natural world beyond normal mortal understanding. This can manifest in the form of weather manipulation, but only in the heat of battle, as a localized storm can be called upon to form overhead, and enemies of the Ruiner finding themselves at an increased chance of being struck by lightning.


Psychokinesis – Another way that Runa’s innate connection to the natural world is how things in the world respond to her mind, most directly in the form of moving things with her mind. Objects can fly to her hands, be halted with thought, lifted, thrown, and so much more. If she is feeling particularly inspired, perhaps she could part a small sea…


Celestial Body – Though fallen and lacking in the pure holy divinity of an active angel, Runa’s body is still made of much more than flesh. It is mutable, responding to changes that she wills, enabling her to manifest her wings at will, though they pale in comparison to the wings of a true angel after all these years. She is also unbelievably strong in body, giving real meaning to the idea of moving mountains, and invulnerable to most harm; average bullets, blades, and other weapons are going to have minimal effect, and even certain kinds of magics are going to leave her more angry than hurt. Death is also only possible (as far as she knows) at the hands of the Lord or another Angel.


Knowledge of Good and Evil – This is what remains of the awareness of all Angels – Runa is able to feel suffering in others if she is close enough to them or the event of suffering. She also is able to sense danger or malicious intent if it is significant or about to be acted upon. It also means she’s able to see a person’s purity of heart, or at least if they are being genuine, based off of a simple judge of character. It also permits her to see through certain kinds of illusions and farces without issue.


I Believe...

There is no redemption.