Devain – “The Sacred Beauty,“ –


“The Sacred Beauty“ Devain, She is sacred to The Haven. She is Sacred to the Lost Ones. She is a beauty. She is magical. She is a protector. She is..She is..She is. She has loved no one. Fore,She is scared it will just bring a mask of Darkness of The Haven once more. That she will be taken advantage of. That she will be forced to let someone else lead. All. If. She. Loves.

Who Am I...

Devain – “The Sacred Beauty,“ –

Romantic Interests

Men,If she were to ever love.

My Story Is...

She was a normal girl. Until. She found it. Them. She felt they needed her. The magic was given to her and she Protected. They love her. They need her. She fights for them. She LOVES them. She NEEDS them. Just because you have a world of your own,People who follow you. Doesn’t mean you care for just the wealth. She doesn’t give anything about the wealth. She loves them. When the land was dying. Taken by Darkness. She felt it. It pierced her in the heart. She needed to protect the land,The world,The Haven,The Lost Ones,Her people. She must. She must. She must She must. She loves them. She would do anything to protect them. `The Elegant One,` `The Soulful One,` `The Sacred Beauty,`. She is. She will. She loves. She needs. She feels. She wants. She cry’s. She must. She is.

The Darkness hurts her. It tears her apart. They hate seeing her this way. She hates seeing her this way. It must end.

“O’ Saviour. Come. I need you. We. They. We need you. The Haven needs you.“ -“The Sacred Beauty,“-

My Appearance

If you see her you will see.


I Believe...

“The Saviour shall come,Thou shall save us.“ – “The Sacred Beauty,“ –