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The Silver Wolf

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In the land of Thaum there are beings who tap into the dimensional  matter called Vividus. A special element that when manipulated can be formed into a solid called Vi-Steel. This metal is said to be practically unbreakable and only something made from it can damage it.  Give its is made from strange interdimensional power it is a great counter to energy and magic as Vi-Steel can absorb and take on the properties of the magic/energy until it is reformed or dispersed. People of Thaum who can control and manipulate Vividus are called Vivers. Special artificers who can use the energy to create and manipulate objects out of what seems like thin air.

One of the most well known Viver is Jin’lida D’kyra AKA The Silver Wolf

Jin is one of the few in her filed able to create complex forms with her Vi-Steel. Mechanical weapons and full suits of armors and one of the first to use an artificial limb made from Vi-Steel But now she is in exile. A punishment for her job as an assassin. Because of her gifts  killing silently was a rather easy task. She was to be a royal guard till she found out the Tribal leaders were corrupt and she planned to take over by killing them. She managed to kill five out of eight of the leaders before she was forced out of her homeland.

Her name the Silver Wolf comes from her full body armor she would go into battle in her days of the army,