Bertram Amaury

Intro Video


Growing up Bertram was always the odd man out.   His passions lay more with what had already come to pass instead of what lay ahead.  History was the bright light in his world.  Only by learning of the past could one know how to handle the future so that mistakes were not repeated.  A passion he carried through life into his adulthood.  Where he found his calling in teaching the history of the world to help future generations.  In the end it might not have amounted to much but every time a student asked a question or sought more knowledge about the past, he felt a sense of accomplishment.


If that was all that came of his life he would have been happy.  While on sabatical however digging into the relics of the past Bertram stumbled upon a hidden passage within an old castle.  Inside was merely a hollow room.  Most likely looted long in the past.  However a glint caught his eye.  A small crystal about the size of his palm glistened in the flashlight.  It almost called to him.  When the history teacher took hold of the item his life was changed.  Knoweldge flooded into him.  From ages past, times long forgotten.  Myths, legends, facts, the truths of the old world.  So overloaded by the sudden onslaught he fell into slumber.  A week had passed while his body lay comatose.  Yet his mind wandered.  Scrolling through the information that had been gifted to him.


Time passed and life returned to normal.  Once more back to his life as a history teacher.  None believed the information he spoke of.  Merely myths and legends, things Bertram knew the world was not ready to accept.  That magic existed or of the dark underbelly of the world where demons still dwelled.  At first he tried to ignore it himself.  To just live a normal life without relying on the amulet for it’s knowledge.  However one night changed that.  A crime commited in front of his eyes.  The life of a stranger falling on his soldiers.  He wanted to help but knew not how.  Then the amulet spoke to him once more.  Granting him knowledge of spells.  Much to his amasement he took to this new power like a fish to water.  Easily able to weave the arcane into reality.  When the villian had been detained he could do nothing but run, not wanting to have the fame or knowledge of what he could do come to light.


That was his first night.  After that many more were to come.  With his magic in hand it was easy to conceal his identy behind a mask, a suit of armor,  or obscuring the minds of those about him.  Thus the super hero Spell Knight was born.  Mostly petty crimes that either went unnoticed or the police could do nothign to stop.  While he knew that this was him becoming a viliglante and most likley none of those he caught would actually get jail time.  He wanted them to know that there was someone out there who would take action.  That someone was going to make them answer.  And so by day Bertram was a history teacher.  Shapping the minds of the young.  While at night he was Spell Knight.  It was tough but he never felt more fulfilled then he did now.


The Man/The Hero


Bertram is by all means a normal human being.  Most of his power comes from the crystal amulet that he keeps hidden on his person at all times. Wouldn’t be much of a hero if he let his source of power get out now would he?  However he is not without his own skills.  An avid fan of renaissance fairs Bertram has taken a role in learning sword fighting in addition to knightly code.  This has left his body in good shape.    The crystal itself also enhances his physique.  Making him stronger then the average human.  As long as the amulet is on his person it passively strengthens him in these ways.  However even if the amulet is lost from him he has knowledge of some spells on his own.  Imparted to him over his time with the crystal.  They might not be as powerful as when he has the crystal, they can help him survive in a pinch.

Who Am I...

History teacher/ Super hero

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Appearance

Height- 6′ 0″

Hair color- Brown

Eye color- Green (Varies when he becomes Spell Knight)

Age- 30




Crystal of magic amulet



Cell phone

Assorted writing utensils


My Secrets Are...

I know how to do some parlor tricks.

I Believe...

Anyone can be a hero.