Aquila Avirellies


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Who Am I...

Aquila Avirelle

My Story Is...

1.The daughter of the four elemental dragon gods a wild free spirited girl who does anything for the ones she loves. Blind to her power and greatness/// 2.A powerful socerress who seeks the revenge of her parents death///3.A Pirate with a ghastly obsession for gold and jewels, cursed to walk the earth and never return to see unless the finds the seven stones of virtue.///4.The hidden daughter of Zeus and Europa blessed with unimaginable power sadly not aware of her powers having being Zeus and Europa left her to be raised by mortals in result to the jealousy of the other gods. she is destined for greatness and pure power in the fate of adventures. destined for the throne///5.A young witch who cares deeply for the things around her, believes in justice/good, and loves her friends/// 6. The Egyptian daughter of Amun-Ra God of creation and Isis. For her safety she was hidden in a chest which flowed down the¬†Nile. The¬†pharaoh’s¬†daughter discovered the infant and took her as her own. as¬†she grows she gets more powerful and gifted.



My Appearance

black woman
Teen or Young adult
white or black (Depends on which character) long hair
long lashes
neck birthmark                                                                                                                                         leg scar                                                                                                                                                 curvy body shape

how she looks as 1.



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4.serafleur on Twitter: "#4styles that I have. Got a bit worried that I'm not consistent with 1 style but thanks to this hashtag I realized we can have our own set of

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Eilstraee [Commission] by serafleur on DeviantArt




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More realist pic of Aquila

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potions, spell-book, arrows, swords, magic, etc.

My Secrets Are...

Role-play to find out….

I Believe...

Adventures are the best thing in life. Friendships last a lifetime.