Mila A. Bloodmantle






Oh… I’m supposed to put something about me? Oops. Hm.. I can speak pig latin, I escaped Hell, I can visit Hell whenever I want, and.. let’s see… Oh! I don’t like people seeing my face.

Who Am I...

Just your average demon

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Go away! ..unless your Haze..

My Story Is...

One day, I was In the world… well more like in the world of death and suffering – Hell, but you get my point. The first thing I saw was this weird guy. I think his name was Hades… He said he created me, but I still don’t believe it. The guy wanted me to torture people. Yeah, that was fun for a while, but soon it got boring. I started to run out of ways to kill them over and over. Plus, I think I’ve gone partially deaf from the shrieks. Anyhoo, one day, I got sick and tired of being forced to listen to blood curling screams all day, every day. So, I decided to sneak out of Hell. I’m not going into detail, but let’s just say Hades WAS NOT happy…

Soon, I ended up in this random planet. I began living there for a while, making friends with the inhabitants. At first they were freaked out that I was a demon, but eventually they did accept me for who I was. Seventy-two years later, everyone on the planet turned to stone. It was not a pretty sight. As far as I knew, I was the first to break out 3700 years later. That’s where I got my scar. It came from the wear and tear of the habitat around me, causing a literal crack. Not wanting anything to do with whatever would happen next, I left to find a new place to live. After decades of trial and error with other species and planets, I found Hellifyno. So, I’ve decided to give it a try.

My Appearance


-Long pitch black hair with some blood red streaks.

-Ghostly white hues

-Red tipped black arrowhead demon tail

-Red swirled black demon horns the curve upwards. The left one is broken in half

-Black and blood red demon wings that are normally hidden. Although, right now they are torn to shreds.

-A red flame tattoo on left wrist that changes to black when in her demon form, blue when her creator, Hades, needs her, and yellow when… well no one knows except for Hades, and he won’t tell anyone

-Always wears small black fabric mask that covers the lower half of her face.

-Normally wears checkered scarf with blood splats on it.

-Has scars and bruises all over arms and face.

-Wears blood stained blouse. It is stained because of an injury on her right side.


=Demon form=


-Long pitch black hair

-Glowing blood red hues

-Long spiked black demon tail with red tips of each spike

-Huge black spiked demon horns that curve upwards, red tips of each spike

-Huge black demon wings that have red flames for the ‘webbing’ (if you will)

-Black tattoo on left wrist

-Sometimes wears mask, but if worn it covers any half of her face

-No scarf

-No scars or bruises

-Typically wears something sexy, but, again, changes on occasion


Hey! Quit goin’ through my stuff!

My Secrets Are...

Haha, your joking, right?

I Believe...

Uh.. I am a demon…?