Gabriel (The Cryptic)


NOTE: If you are sensitive to heavy themes (mostly alcoholism and drug abuse), do not interact with my character (Unless you want to rp with my character before he disappeared—well, that’s a different story.) We can talk, however, and maybe become friends (I’m sober, I swear!).

Who Am I...

He doesn't remember (or at least chooses not to) but he uses the name 'Gabriel' given to him. The Cryptic is usually stubborn and lazy, refusing to contribute to anything most of the time despite having proven his wit and abilities to be of use. He heightens his 'laziness' by taking Barbiturates (sometimes alcohol), and almost brings his 'medications' with him at all times claiming that without them, his behavior is erratic and bizarre. It is unknown to what extent of his abilities are but as far as Gabriel has tested (or accidentally used), his abilities usually involve the mind of those around him and his own.

My Story Is...

One of the 13 children who were collected from syndicates or prostitutes, and given shelter in The Nova Vita Orphanage at the age of 8. The Cryptic was also one of the 3 orphan children who mysteriously disappeared when the orphanage went to flames 4 years after they were fostered. Missing for 20 years, the boy’s whereabouts were unknown…until he was found.

My Appearance

Gabriel appears as his 12 years old self despite his actual age. He is thin, pale, and covered in bruises and stitches (if not bandages) most of the time due to his negligence. Dress code isn’t an issue for the boy either. He’d pick anything so as long as it makes him “blend in and not be thrown in an asylum or elsewhere” (though he seems to have a particular taste in wearing blue pajamas). The boy wears almost a blank or tired expression most of the time to a lazy smile on some occasions.


Knapsack, any Barbiturate or alcohol, and oversized coats

My Secrets Are...

either truths or lies—depends which between those will you believe in.

I Believe...

the mind is a very powerful thing…and so are medications. Actually, I'm with the pills on this one.