Randle Fog


Powers: can grant any wish with a simple flip of a coin toss but beware if it lands on the opposing side of the coin you picked something bad could happen anywhere from death to something more simple like a bad hair day. ( Ohh also I flip a coin in Real life so the wish really is random and not by my choice also don’t worry I won’t kill your character unless you give me permission too  However I might make them sick to there stomach of feeling sudden sharp pains in their body but if you have a problem with that let me know) P.s. I only grant wishes once unless

Who Am I...

The Ark mage of Finndle

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Single and ready to mingle

My Appearance

An old man mabey in is early 60s. His hight is around 6ft and weights about 200 pounds. His hair is a light brown that is turning gray with cooler. His teeth are strate and shine like pears despite his age. He wears dark red mid evil cloak, under he wairs a dark brown tonic with dark brown pants. His wairs a necless with a single gold coin and a single silver coin.


On hand/ A pouch with good and sliver coins / A dager/ necless/

My Secrets Are...

For every gold and silver coin, there is lies Destiny in someones future

I Believe...

Lady luck can be bitch but try to stay on her good side and you learn your still probbly going to get fucked in the end