Carter Thornsberry


Who Am I...

Carter Thornsberry

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

A boy, not so long ago, wondered into the forests. There, he discovered a blue rose. He picked it, for he hasn’t seen a blue rose in his entire life. When he picked it, the blue rose moved a little. The boy had little time to react, before the rose climbed up his arm, and sat atop of his thick hair. It formed a crown of thorns. He tried to take it off, but it clung to his scalp like superglue.

My Appearance

Carter Thornsberry wears a white jacket, with jeans. He has thick, blonde hair. The crown of thorns sits atop his head.


Red rose
A sharp stick
The crown of thorns (cannot be removed).

My Secrets Are...

-Likes his hair played with.
~Absolutely cringes at flirting attempts.
~Doesn’t really enjoy travelling far from home.

I Believe...

that thorns don’t hurt, they just want attention.