Who Am I...


My Appearance

Ract is a crocodilian of larger size. He stands at 8’2 with an extra 4 ft of tail, and is built on a very muscular but agile body. He is covered in thick scales, capable of deflecting light and glancing blows, or stopping weak blades. Even with his natural protection he usually wears lightly chain-mailed leather and robes, and steel plated shin guards. He has a large mouth, with several teeth and an extremely powerful bite. He has darkvision Can sense heat, is amphibious, and can swim up to 30 mph. He uses weapons though his bite and sharp claws and powerful hands can sometimes be used tactically or out of pure necessity. Hes neutral to most thing as he doesnt care about much more than what hes going to eat next, and where he can get some heat.


Leather padding over light Chain-Mail and hooded robes, Plated Shin Guards, Backpack with essentials for survival (ie. Torch, Bedroll, etc) 2 Small throwing hatchets, and a Crude bone Scimitar with an Ebony lined blade

My Secrets Are...

I was the chief of an exctinct tribe, forced to exile after the dearh of my people. Now a nomadic loner who sticks around for as little as possible.

I Believe...

In food