Tilrisia (And More!)


There is an endless amounts of stories to tell in the universe… There are the Heroes, and the villains. The fighters, and the diplomats, the businessmen and the preachers. Every individual in the cosmos, no matter where they stand, evil or good, has a tale to tell, so maybe we should listen up…

Who Am I...

A channel to tell stories, and to learn the stories of others.

Romantic Interests

Varies from character to character.

My Story Is...


Tilrisia ‘Iceborn’

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With snow-white hair, striking blue eyes, and pale skin, The young witch is rather inexperienced, only knowing a few basic spells, which are all contained within a black leather-bound tome, with blue runes marking the cover. Somewhat cowardly under pressure, she still has much to learn about the world.



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A kitsune: Akemi is troublesome, and a trickster by nature. With deep blue hair, and golden tinted eyes, and pale skin, she stands at 5’4, and has a mostly slim build.  Given her nature as a trickster, she is interested in illusion magic, though is tempted to start experimenting with alchemy, and other forms of magic.




This little Neko: Zyfa has… not been having the best of times recently. At only approximately 16 years old, the still growing girl has…seen a lot. The destruction of Hellifyno, for one thing. So now, she remains somewhat clingy to her sister: Inara. Zyfa has a slight interest in technology, given her father’s occupation as a space engineer, but she is more interested in the…mystical aspects of the universe, spells and incantations… Magic.


Sapphira Amrie:

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A phoenix, born from the ashes of her former self, in her Life-Cycle, the light that radiates from Sapphira has been said to roll through each colour of the visible spectrum, her flames varying from brilliant colour to brilliant colour as she ages. At the end of her life cycle, she is said to explode, her flames a staggering white, but that is hopefully a long time from now… Quite excitable, she appears to be a young human woman, with soft pink hair, and white skin. She is new to Hellifyno, only arriving during it’s reconstruction. She is lost, and quite honestly, afraid. She has the confidence to take risks, though lacks such confidence in regards to most of her skills, especially in magic.