Tianwu Qiang


Name: Tianwu Qiang [in both lives]

Title: Chaos Buddha

Original World Cultivation Level: Ancient Universal God

Hellifyno Cultivation Level: Origin Emperor





Lancelot du Lac

Delilah Pendragon



Origin level Cultivation Techniques:

Origin Samsara Body:  A godly immortal body fortification technique left to Qiang by The Ancient Samsara Emperor before passing his essence to the Universal Core, it caused every fiber of Qiang’s physical being to constantly reincarnate without his consciousness being effected, allowing his body to not only become truly undying, but be able to support the stress of the energies provided by the Primordial Law, and Myriad Buddha’s Law techniques, where were both creation level cultivation techniques.

Primordial Law: A creation level energy absorption technique left to Qiang by the Primordial Godly Emperor before passing his essence to the Universal Core. This technique allowed him to cultivate the primordial energies of the Universal Core allowing him to transcend to the ultimate peak of cultivation as an Ancient Universal God.

Myriad Buddha’s Law: A creation level cultivation technique left to Qiang by his master The Ancient Godly Buddha before joining his old enemies in binding his essence to the Universal Core. This technique was made to bind the Myriad laws of universal nature to Qiang’s Heavenly Buddha Palms techniques, allowing him to manipulate and power himself with the myriad of universal nature energies.

These three techniques effectively made Qiang the God of his universe, allowing him to ultimately defeat the Abyssal God of the Dark Universe and keep his universe safe.

After Qiang’s defeat of the Abyssal God, having no real taste for ultimate power, Qiang bound his ultimate techniques, and limited his cultivation to a level where he could have fun again, choosing only to break that seal if his universe was ever in danger from other foreign universes.

Cultivation Techniques:

Primordial Deva-Mara Body: An immortal body technique learned from the Deva-Mara scriptures, it allows Qiang to absorb and circulate the primordial cosmic energies of the greater firmament. Though not near the level of the Samsara Body, it provides an extremely stable foundation for greater firmament techniques, and is nearly indestructible to almost anything below creation, and firmament god level abilities, allowing him to take on Earth Emperor and Eternal Dao Father level cultivators with just his physical strength alone.

Cosmos Burning Sun Technique: Originally the Burning Sun Technique of the God’s Star clan, Qiang stole it from their greater temple after escaping from a trap set by the God’s Star clan meant to force him to marry their future empress. His interactions with the God’s Star clan unlocked memories of his past life, allowing him to tap into lessons he learned from his old dear friend Apollo. Using these memories he evolved the Burning Sun Technique into the Cosmos Burning Sun Technique, allowing him to tap into eternal godly flames, using them to empower his already immortal body, and wield flames not unlike Apollo himself.  The flames he uses to burn his enemies also have an aspect of Samsara within them, causing them to be able to burn unending unless a greater power stops them, or Qiang himself extinguishes them.

Myriad Divine Thoughts Technique:  With Qiang’s powerful soul thanks to being in his second life and being the son of a powerful cultivator and a god, he is able to use the Myriad Divine Thoughts Technique to it’s upmost power.  It is a technique that allows the user to split their souls into separate thought bodies.  These thought bodies are shards of the original soul and mind that can be used for various things such as multiplying one’s focus, power of understanding and martial comprehension allowing them to learn high level techniques far faster.  The higher one trains this technique, the stronger it becomes.  At it’s highest levels, each thought body has the same capacity as the original soul and mind.  Mastering this ability allows Qiang to not only study the most powerful techniques to completion, but also pursue multiple paths of cultivation at once, including paths that are usually in direct opposition of one another.

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In Qiang’s first life he was born the demigod son of the fallen Hindu God Brahma, and a seemingly ordinary female farmer. When God, the father of light, sent his Messiah along with his heavenly armies to destroy all other godly pantheons, the Buddhist and Hindu Gods were no exception. Most of them were killed, some defected to the Messiah’s army, while others were able to escape and went into hiding. Brahma had been betrayed by some of his fellow gods, but had been too powerful to destroy, allowing him to send some of his fellow gods into the cycle of incarnation before escaping himself. Brahma took on the form of a man and hid himself among the mortals. While wandering one of China’s eastern provinces, he was set upon by bandits, and though he could have killed them all without but a breath, he was saved by a female farmer who had exceptional strength and combat ability.

At first wary that she may have been one of the Messiah’s agents in disguise, he was soon able to sense that her karma was linked directly with his own, and that for better or worse, they were meant to meet. The farmer offered him shelter and he took her up on her offer. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. They grew closer and closer until they fell in love and married. Their union bore a son whom they named Qiang. Qiang was an extraordinary child, born with full awareness, language skills, and telepathy. Brahma had learned that his wife, Youhang, had been born in another universe and had participated in a great war between her universe’s most supreme powers. Though her side won in the end, a rift between dimensions had been opened and she had sacrificed herself to close it from the other side and had been trapped there forever. Since the laws of her universe were different from this one, she had lost most of her power. In her realm the most powerful beings were called cultivators, martial artists who could absorb the energies of the heavens, the earth, the great firmament, and even the primordial energies of their universe. Doing so allowed them to gain massive amounts of power, immortality, and even godhood.

Youhang had been born with near unsurpassed talent in cultivation and had reached the peak of her universe before being trapped in a new one. In this new universe the energies and the laws that bound them were very different. Youhang never gave up hope though, and studied these laws until she discovered a way to cultivate them and slowly began to regain her old strength. When she met Brahma, she was already on a level equal to him, a chief god. Qiang, being born of a god of this universe, and a supreme cultivator of another had a vast natural talent, allowing him to grow in power quickly. He had inherited his father’s capacity for controlling the energies of their universe, and his mother’s deep understanding and comprehension of universal laws. Qiang grew up being nurtured and trained by both of his parents while living a simple life. One day his parents told him that while he was strong, he needed to go out and temper himself. Only the struggles and strife of life and death could truly make him strong. And so Qiang left home and began to travel the realms.

Over the course of his life time he made many friends and even more enemies. His refusal to be looked down upon caused him to offend many dark powers, but in the end, he overcame his enemies and became stronger and stronger. He became good friends with the God Apollo, and the goddess-like spirit of destruction, Estelle Vellos. Through his adventures with them, he grew to new heights of power, and fought alongside them until their final battle against the being Zonnilus, who was the son of the father of the abyss, Yjarl, and a living death planet. Though they could defeat Zonnilus, they could not kill him for good, and thus Qiang stepped in and sacrificed his Samsara body, a physical form in a constant state of rebirth on a molecular level to bind and trap Zonnilus and his essence forever. In doing so, Qiang effectively died, and his soul was sent into the cycle of rebirth. His friends would all mourn his loss, but did not realize that his soul, much like his body, was the essence of Samsara. This allowed his soul to be reborn, though in another universe. Using his eternal consciousness, and the power of his Samsara soul, Qiang crafted himself a new body, though being in a new universe and it’s foreign laws of heaven and earth, he was limited to the body of a child, as his understanding was not deep enough to do more.

Being the son of Brahma, however, Qiang’s link with the powers of karma were very deep, and so when his newly ‘born’ child form found a home in a new universe, it turned out to be the universe that his mother had originally come from. He had been found by an elderly couple who had long raised all of their children to adulthood, but took joy in being able to raise another child. To their surprise they found that even though he was a baby, Qiang had full awareness, and could even talk. In their world where humans known as cultivators could rise into the realm of the gods in power with due diligence and talent, they knew that truly strong cultivators could be reincarnated. They believed that Qiang was one such cultivator, and they were not far off from the truth. Qiang retained all of his memories of his past life, and since his body had been created by the power of his soul, he knew one day that he would regain his past power as well. His original Samsara body had been sacrificed, but here, he could raise a new one.

Qiang enjoyed a second childhood, raised with kindness by the elderly couple, even becoming close with their real sons and daughters whenever they returned for to visit their parents. In this Universe, like any other, strength was the ultimate rule of life. If you were strong, you acceled, if you were weak, you didn’t. The elderly couple and their children were not strong in cultivation, but they were very business minded and came to own many trade companies spread throughout their country. Qiang wanted for nothing, and enjoyed the cooshie life, something he didn’t mind one bit. Even as he did so, however, Qiang made sure to embrace his cultivation, and by the time he was thirteen years old, he had reached a cultivation level that surpassed almost anyone in his entire continent, though he kept it hidden, even from his family. He knew that growing too powerful, too early would only bring calamity.

Even though he kept his true power hidden, calamity came anyway. A new power rose and wanted to rule the continent, uniting it under one rule in the process. This new power began by trying to seize all of the powerful trading guild, and treasure sects for themselves. This brought them into direct conflict with Qiang’s family, and thus Qiang himself. Though Qiang had been known to be shameless, he had always been steadfast and loyal, and would not see his new family suffer. Qiang rose up out of nowhere, competing in martial competitions and crushing his enemies, rising up from a country bumpkin, to the fastest rising young cultivator his continent had ever seen. The more prestige he gained, the less power this new force had until, in the end, Qiang completely crushed them. Thanks to this, Qiang’s family was able to not only gain more power, but became the top trading sect in the entire continent. With his family’s future taken care of, Qiang was able to move on, leaving the continent to travel the greater world. He knew from his mother’s stories in his past life, that this world, this universe was vast, and he wanted to see it all.

Qiang left his new home world behind and began to travel through out the realms of his mother’s birth. He met many friends, and made twice as many enemies, but he stayed true to his path of cultivation and grew more and more powerful. It wasn’t until he reached the nine heavens, home of the universal emperors that he truly found himself however. It was here that he found his mother’s clan, and learned of the ancient battle that had threatened to destroy their universe entirely. As Qiang already knew, there were many universes, and each universe had the potential to hold a single controller, someone powerful enough physically, mentally, and physically to control the very universal laws that governed it. However, if a universe did not have someone in the position of Ancient Universal God, it left them vulnerable to those who had gained that position in foreign universes. There were those who were greedy, and though they reached the very peak of power in their own universe, they weren’t satisfied and wanted to grasp the powers of other universes as well.

In the past, a foreign universal god did just that, invading this universe in order to seize it’s core and add to his power. In order to keep that from happening, a heroine rose up with the support of her clan and many other Ancient Emperors, powerful sects, and vast kingdoms. This heroine was Qiang’s mother, Tianwu Youhang, heir of the Tianwu Clan, and the youngest cultivator to ever reach the Universal Emperor level, and the one closest to becoming their universes Ancient Universal God. However, during the war with the foreign power known to them as The Abyssal God and his armies, Youhang was betrayed by one of her clan’s ancient enemies, Xiang Feng, who had also been her betrothed. The Abyssal God promised the Xiang clan prominence should he take control of this universe, and they accepted the deal to betray their peers. In the end, Youhang was interrupted in her attempt to bond with the Universal Core, but her prolonged contact with it had given her enough power to destroy the Xiang Clan, and severely injure the Abyssal God, as well as cripple his armies, though it seemed to have also cost Youhang her life.

It wasn’t until Qiang met his mother’s clan in the nine heavens did they realize that Youhang hadn’t died, but had been sent to another universe. When they heard Qiang’s story, and realized that his talent even surpassed that of Youhang herself, that they had a chance. It seemed that in her absence, The Abyssal God had recovered his old power, and raised an even larger army in a bid to once again seize the universal core. Qiang was no stranger to sacrifice, as both he and his mother had given up much in order to defeat a threat to their respective worlds. This time Qiang planned on taking a different approach. He decided to do what his mother had been unable to do in the past, and bond himself with the universal core. His path of cultivation in this universe had been a long one. Trillions of years had passed since his rebirth here, and he had learned much. Thanks to his father, he had walked the path of a Buddha, though not a traditional one. He had learned to accept, and walk all paths of enlightenment. He reveled in the pure, the tainted, the light, the dark, and everything in between. He had walked as a Buddha, and he had walked as a demon. Qiang was both righteous, and a sinner, benevolent, and cruel, and he embraced everything about each of his natures. His father Brahma had been known as the three faced God, and Qiang was the three lives Buddha, or as many of his friends named him, The Chaos Buddha.

Because of this, he was the perfect candidate to bond with the core because of his vast understanding of all forms of universal nature. To this end, the three greatest Universal Emperors taught Qiang what he needed to know in order to bond with the core. The Ancient Samsara Emperor saw that Qiang had a Samsara Body, and thus helped him change his body into that of an Origin Samsara Body, enabling him to physically handle the powers of this universe. The Primordial Godly Emperor taught Qiang Primordial Law, which would allow him to absorb and control the energies of the universal core in order to cultivate to a level beyond Universal Emperor, allowing him to become worthy of the universal core.

Finally his master, The Ancient Godly Buddha, imparted upon him the Myriad Buddha’s Law, which took advantage of Qiang’s vast understanding of all universal paths to manipulate the universe’s energies and bond with them completely, becoming one with the universe. After teaching him, the three Universal Emperors, who had once been enemies, joined their essences with the universal core in order to stave off the Abyssal God, who had used his great war as a distraction while he tried to forcefully bond with the core himself, and acted as decoys to give Qiang the time he needed to become their Ancient Universal God. Qiang was successful, and used his new found power to destroy the Abyssal God’s armies completely, and banish him from their universe forever, unable to return thanks to the universe having its own Ancient Universal God.

Qiang used his new found powers to unbind the essences of his teachers from the core, as well as resurrect all those who had given their lives in the war against the Abyssal God. He also opened up a bridge to his old universe, finally allowing his mother to return and reunite with her family and clan, bringing her husband Brahma with her as well. With his mother’s universe finally at peace, Qiang left behind a karma twin to act as the Ancient Universal God, bound his cultivation to a much lower level and returned to his old world once more to seek out his old life and his old friends. He still had plenty of living left to do, and wouldn’t let death, or reaching the peak of an entire universe keep him from doing it.

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