Intro Video


“Once you realize that all things living or nonliving, concepts, theories, and even ideals require energy to exist, interact, and destroy one another, you are one step closer to understanding how the world works. Now, all you must do is grasp for the threads that hold everything together: listen, watch, and learn. All will soon reveal itself to you, and the key to existence will sit right in the palm of your hand.”



Technomancy: The user can create, shape and manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as “technology.” The user also has the ability to combine magic and technology in various ways and to various extents.



Energy manipulation: The user is able to sense, pinpoint, and manipulate energy, energy sources, and the lack of energy.



Reality alteration: The user has the ability to alter reality in various ways including controlling vectors, mass, density and also opening wormholes (portals) to different locations.



Aura manipulation: The main ability of Edan. This powers every other one of her abilities. The user is able to extend or conceal their own aura which gives them the ability to manipulate their surroundings in differing ways. This is the basic use of one’s presence to influence reality and is the main way for Edan to use her abilities by melding her aura with another’s aura which allows for her to transfer her energy for varying results that are supportive, offensive, and defensive.


My Story Is...

“There was a child all alone begging and crying for a friend; anybody who would talk to her, listen to her, be there for her. She cried and cried all day and all night. She cried till she could cry no more. The world was cruel. The world was dying. People fought wars constantly fighting for control of the limited supplies that still existed. It was their fault nothing was left. It was their fault that the world became what it was. The little girl lost everything, and no one cared even thought they were the ones to blame.”



“She couldn’t last. She wouldn’t last. No food. No water. No dreams. No hope. She felt the nigh end and reached up towards the night sky all alone in a field of dead flowers. Her blank grey eyes searched the pale moon for an answer, but it simply stared back with no response. She just wanted an answer; a reason for all that had befell her. And, at that moment, she fought death itself. Why? There was no answer to why. She simply fought back against the tug of death ignoring her pain as dust fell from her eyes.”



“Though, there, at that moment when she could not resist any longer and her arm began to fall, she felt a tug. It was a strange sensation, for that tug quickly became a pull, and that pull snatched her up from the ground away from the dead patch of flowers up into the sky above the clouds all the way into space, and her ascent did not stop until she was staring the moon face to face. She could see everything from this spot as her young curious mind gazed at the cosmos. And, she died.”