Acoria Dragon of storms

My Story Is...

High in the mountains of Drarthgar was a secret group of mages and scientist looking to do a little expieriment. they took the DNA of a celestial, the DNA of a white dragon And the DNA of a blue dragon and where planning to mix them all together to craft a new Creature they could use as a weapon of war.But it seemed like a success except when they tested her she was weak not anything like they had hoped and left her in the mountains to die and Die she would have if it wasnt for the Silver Dragon Endi Lord of the cold.

He was guided to her by the words of the platinum dragon himself. And in finding her decide to raised her as his own child. as she grew older he began to train her on how to defend her self that was when he discovered she was not  your normal half dragon she could use two different breath attack something only a small few could do. Blasting both Ice and Lighting from her maw.

years went by and as she reached maturity he decided it best to set her out into the world so she could discover it for herself. So he gave her her orders and took off flying off to leave her to her own task at hand.

My Appearance