Who Am I...


Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Came from a war driven society. My people slowly fell in on themselves as they struggled over food and in a constant state of greed. Tomorrow realized that he was better on his own. He goes around trying to help people, or to simply have friendly conversations.

My Appearance

Tall, maybe 6’5. Thin but strong. Wears a black leather coat, woth 2 red stripes crossing the front. He has ligjt brown hair with blonde streaks up front. He has electric blue eyes that seem to brude with mystery, yet are always welcoming. Very lightly colored skin, almost pale.


He has a small hook that is thin on either side. It is basic, yet made out of a strong metal. He considers this his only possession. His father helped him make it as he was learning to fight, but fled before he was enrolled into the military.

My Secrets Are...

He wants to be left alone. He don’t mind the company of people, though he gets anxiety from being around someone for more than an hour at a time. He is not very open about his feelings, though he usually expresses them in the tone of his voice. His birth name is Dylan, though he was so embarrassed fron the actions and stupidity of his people that he changed his name entirely.

I Believe...

That pwople should come to a consensus before planning anything.