Tord the Commie

Intro Video


“where the fuck is my hentie?!”

Who Am I...

I am Tord The Communist. I love guns and hentie and cigars.

Romantic Interests

Im Gay For the Jeovhus Witness(thomas).

My Story Is...

I was a child who was crutped by destruction. I turned evil and was a demon child. a real demon.

My Appearance

I have Carmal brown hair and horns on my head made out of hair. I got black pants and Red sweatshirt.


Guns and Knives Cigars and a bottle of Whisky with money to buy hentie and more whisky.

My Secrets Are...

I love Jehovus and I am the Red leader of the Red army.

I Believe...

In Death, the devil and more death.

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