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Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind.Nor hath love’s mind of any judgment taste; Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste.And therefore is love said to be a child Because in choice he is so oft beguiledResultado de imagen para ariana grande dont call me angel ariana

Cupid is the daughter of Venus and Mars Gods of Olympus. Mischief like a child since her birth. Deseo was given the weapon of Love a Golden Bow with the ability to give the purest love or the purest hate to someone who got shot by it mortal or God. In her years on the Olympus, she dedicated herself to serve her mother’s wishes and desires at the same time she did mischief or two with both mortals and gods.  to the point that she made Apollo fell in love with a cow while she rejected him.

After the fall of the Gods, Cupid began to live more among the mortals and slowly started to Grow unlike in Olympus that she remained a child for millennia getting more conscious about her actions stopping her mischiefs most of the time. As she matured Cupid changed her bow to Guns and now she still living between the mortals as a human thanks for her appearance. Now and then she feels the impulse of shooting some strangers to make them fall in love.


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Cupid is a calm girl most of the time she loves to hang out and does not have this sense of high morality or lack of it. Still, sometimes she feels this impulse of shooting someone to make them fall for something or someone and sometimes she goes out of her way to make small pranks on people. Unlike many others when it comes to Love Cupid. LEans more towards personality she enjoys having a partner that makes her laugh Female or Male or a strange creature for her she does not care on the outside just on the inside.

Small facts.

Enjoys singing
bunny person
her favorite food is chocolate
loves to be snuggled
doesn’t like to be called an angel


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heigh: 5’0 Feet
eyes brown
hair: long brunette
marks: none
Wings: white ..they disappear and appear at will





Made from the Bow she used to have These guns can make people fall in love with each other or hate each other. If the are loaded with normal bullets they can also kill.


Love shots: If a person is hit with one shot that creature or person will fall in love with the first thing that person or creatures sees after 3 seconds of being shot. If within those 3 seconds another shot is given to an object or a living creature the person will fall in love with each other or the object.  If the second person is shot two times the first one will love him or her but the second one will hate him or her.
Hate shots: the hate shots are triggered by tapping two times the same person in the laps of 3 seconds that person will hate the first creature or person who sees. if within those 3 seconds an object or person was shot two times the first person shot will hate the object or if it is a person they will hate each other

Pink Bike

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Despite that, she can fly Cupid prefers to use her bike to move around places.