Valerie Morena Rowen

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

her mother was a witch and her father was a warrior of sorts. she had a happy childhood till the age of 12 when her parents were murdered by witch hunters. she hid in the trees as she watched it happen, her father did manage to kill a few but there were too many. she continued to live in her families home having no where else to go. she buried her parents near by and still practices from her mothers old spell book that had been handed down through generations.


she does have some skill with a bow, daggers are handy along with dirks but she struggles to hold a full length sword.

My Appearance

dark brown hair, hazel eyes, slender yet healthy looking, green shirt with a leather vest on and brown pants. she sometimes wears leather cuffs to keep her sleeves still along with black boots and small pouches on her belt.


a pocket knife that has some tools on it, wallet, note book, water bottle, small mirror and comb, pens, herbs, vials

My Secrets Are...

she has been branded once