Hinata Uzumaki

Intro Video


I am the seventh hokage’s wife and a hero

Who Am I...

a demonic devil nothing more nothing less

Romantic Interests

fight rp's and sex rp's

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

It all started when Shiro was left in the burning home she had escaped and ran away people reported me missing but I ran for my life no matter what. My life was shit I had no one I lived like this for year’s then I was caught. These people said I had burned down the house and had run away then I meet a boy this boy was smart and was a demon to I never talked to him I just watched him I soon was almost killed by my “parent’s” they had grabbed a knife and cut my jugular I had lived but I no longer trust but two people.

My Appearance

A 10’7 female demon that is the most powerful in hell


black chakra,rasangen, a big wind sword, and a memory pearl, and a pouch that can create anything.

My Secrets Are...

I only trust 2-10 people.

I Believe...

Sometimes to be the good guy you have to be the bad guy



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