Salixar The Ent


“Hrm? Oh, hello there! Sit down, relax, I can get some nice hot tea brewing and we can have a friendly chat… if you have the time.”

Who Am I...

I have obtained the name "Salixar" in my time. I am an Ent.

My Story Is...

My story started as that of the story of all trees. I was planted through natural means, and I grew, and I lived for a long time. However, after living such a long time as a tree, I was blessed by nature itself to become an Ent. I didn’t do much special after that except find out that I love making conversation with the people who pass by me, though. Perhaps one day you could come by and speak to me, too… I’d love to have a nice conversation with someone soon.

My Appearance

Well, normally I appear as a large, thicker around the trunk than average Weeping Willow Tree. However, when I am disturbed, or when I feel like moving around, the bark shifts enough to reveal my face! They say I look like an old man with a big beard, my beard being made of seemingly carved wood, with some leaves mixed in. When I get up and start walking around, I look about how you would expect an Ent to look! A large, humanoid tree person!


I mean, I’m said to be able to make some good tea, and I’m made of the ingredients to make some.

My Secrets Are...

The whispers of the trees that have not become Ents… those are the secrets I hold.

I Believe...

You should come on by and have a pleasant conversation with me!