*DM* Trink the Imp

Who Am I...

The loyal servant to the goddess of twine

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

to busy for that

My Story Is...

Madam kida found us, half dead out back the tavern one night. she took us in and nursed us back to health, she taught us to speak the common tongue and helped teach us how to be civilized. she has cared for us when no one else would. we have watched her grow from a young 300 year old to a magnificent 515 year old. she is our friend.

Madam kida has us working on the clean-up and restoration of the island of twine. but we are finally able to get out and meet friends. we know of one friend, her name is Kara. we like her. she smells good all the time. and she is kind to us. she cares for madam….

Now, my time is solely devoted to keeping up on the activities in twine. It is fun and we enjoy it. Though madam is hard to find, and busy all the time. We still care for her. And she trusts our judgement.

She has put me in charge of keeping the space dome running and i have been tending to thyme city now too. it is busy now

My Appearance

we are black with weird black skin, no hair, we have wings and a long tail. we always look angry and carry a small bag on our side, we use that for deliveries to the madam


One portal pouch. that is all i need..

My Secrets Are...

i miss lord asmo but lady kida is kind..

I Believe...

of nothing. i go day by day..