Arthur is a very strict, strong minded individual with great leading abilities. He is always eager to take the lead and take action.

with great strength and a strong will, this man will never back down

Who Am I...

High Commander Arthur O'Brien

Romantic Interests

Arthur is gay

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Coming soon

My Appearance

Arthur wears experimental armour made for the highest achieving soldiers. It has the protection abilities of a  heavy tank and can offer first aid, jump boost and has a high grade military A.I

He is a very well built man with a strong jaw line and a small amount of freckles.

He is 6”5



An experimental gun (code name: Final Judgement) which fires, incredible strong, high penetration, explosive laser rounds

He has his armour

A high grade, small comms unit

A Pistol with the same but weaker abilities of his main weapon

A necklace with a dragon on it

A military grade smart watch

Small first aid kit

I Believe...

That any problem can and will be overcome