Alatar is a very serious and quiet man who tends to keep to himself.

(Yes, this character is based on assassins creed)

Who Am I...

Alatar the assassin

Romantic Interests

Alatar is gay

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Coming soon

My Appearance

Alatar wears usal assassins clothing but his is armoured.

He also has leathe belts strapped around his chest and in his waist which carries throwing knives and a assortment of other things.

Be is very scared and has shaven black hair which is covered by his hood

He is also very well built


Alatar carries two hidden blades (

A legendary sword called the final judgment.

A small crossbow

Healing supplies

And is magic is reality warping and he has a unique ability we’re he can enter into a parallel universe (temporarily) were he is invisible and can ignore the laws of physics.

I Believe...

That any problem can and will be overcome