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Bonedust. That’s my new project. And, let me tell you something, it’s better than any drug on the market! No severe crash, no jitters, no track marks from a needle, unless you’re into that sort of thing. Bonedust can be ingested like a drink, it can be sprayed directly into the nasal passages, it can even be absorbed into the skin! I won’t say I’m a genius, that’s pretty clear, don’t you think? But, I am one hell of a Chemist. All I need now are investors, partners, someone I can trust to share all of this work with.


But, this is Hellifyno. Trust doesn’t just happen on this planet. I know better.

Who Am I...

Often called the "Magpie" or "Little Thief"

Romantic Interests

Men? Women? I dunno, really

Relationship Status


My Appearance

Tsillah often changes little aspects of her appearance. Most commonly, it’s her build and her height. Most often, she’s seen with blue hair and silvery white eyes, the only contrast in those eyes are her pupils.

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Tsillah is generally seen carrying a tablet, her phone, headphones, and a stylus for her tablet.