Tsubame, Keeper of the Watch

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Being awakened from the cloning tanks with incomplete memory is a bit of a bitch. Of course all i remember is being really angry, so I’m going to be a bit of a bitch too.

Who Am I...

An agent of Olde Watch

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Locked and Loaded

My Story Is...

Once a homeless urchin left to die in one of the abundant magical wars, Tsubame joined the Watch in order to gain revenge on the world that led to their horrid life, against the magical beings that had brought them such pain. At least… that’s what they believed. When they awoke from the Clone Pod after they had successfully led a mission alongside Krieger himself to defend Planet 1 from a magical assault, as well as clearing the path for The Last Laugh to fire into the Hell Portal, Tsubame was hailed as a hero of Olde Watch, and given the rank of Lieutenant.

The Tsubame that emerged from that pod was pure, and filled with nothing but unrestrained rage and dick kicking prowess.  But, their memory was full of gaps, their head feeling fuzzy whenever they tried to access those memories. A failure of the cloning process perhaps but… most clones retained their memories perfectly post mortem. Krieger had seen his own death many times, and even remembered how it felt. So why are entire parts of Tsubame’s mind missing then…?

At the time, it mattered not. So on they went, sowing terror and destruction to help aid Olde Watch’s Conquest against the magical world for many long weeks. They burned crops, destroyed monuments and castles, warded off entire fleets and commanded great victories… until it all came crashing down.

The seeds of doubt began to sprout when the Senate had them work alongside a lecherous, evil deity to fulfill their goal on a mission. They bloomed into twisted flowers when evidence came to light that Krieger, the man they held in the upmost esteem, the man who had given them everything… was a prisoner of the Senate, being tortured and killed repeatedly, only to be cloned again and again before being controlled memetically as a puppet. When the body was reported missing, they went on a rampage to try and get it back, but never found anything apart from rumors and promises…

When the rest of Hellifyno finally launched their final assault on Olde Watch proper, there wasn’t anything Tsubame could do. They’d been far from home, and all Olde Watch units were preoccupied trying to save their city. After all, why spare a ride for one lone soldier when you could try and fight back the wolves at the door?

When they had finally arrived by ground travel, they’d already heard well enough… their home faced battles both within and without, as hostile outside forces converged to take the Senate… Only to have the bastards they’d been working for turn out to be agents of The Void. With their betrayal, and the unleashing of yet more void monsters on the world, Olde Watch and Civalo’ki were completely obliterated.

Being left without home was bad enough, but they would come to find that not only has the Krieger they’ve followed on the Senate’s supposed anti-magic crusade turned out to be a magical anomaly himself… their own birth may come from some supernatural force as well.

With a city in shambles, and a debt to pay to the world, Tsubame knew what must be done. They would redeem The Watch and themselves in the eyes of the world, help rebuild in this time of Void Crisis, and kick the dick of whatever caused this whole mess so hard that the world would go off axis if it meant setting shit right.

A vagrant no more, a Lieutenant no longer… Tsubame would become The Keeper of the Watch.

Though all this fuckery with the timelines keeps hurting my head. How much of my memory is real, and how much happened in a world no one remembers, in a war that never happened…?

My Appearance

An androgynous soldier, outstandingly feminine in appearance though biologically male.  Dark, vibrant red hair and blue eyes, covered with scars from a hard life on the streets as well as… whatever lead to what they have become. Small framed and flat chested, but muscular.

Most often seen in classic Olde Watch military fatigues in black and white. Their insignia is a skull with firearms and stars on a patch. Most notably they wear beefed up boots specialized for their favorite pastime… groin kicks.


Olde Watch powered armor
Gas mask/HUD Helmet

ANFE Signal Belt

A semi automatic DMR (MK-18 Mod 1 Mjölnir, chambered in .338 Norma Magnum)

Semi-Automatic .50 Beowulf Rifle

6.8 SPC Selectfire Automatic Rifle (ACR)

Double Barrel Pump Shotgun (“Super Shotgun”)

.500 Magnum Revolver

50 AE Semi-Automatic Combat Pistol (“Deagle”/Grizzly)

40mm Rotary Grenade launcher

China Lake Pump Action Grenade Launcher (often loaded with the M576 40mm Buckshot Shell)

“Plasma Gun” Directed Energy Rifle

45 ACP SMG (UMP-45)

A large combat knife

Steel Toe Boots

Terrible rage

“Big Dick Energy”

My Secrets Are...

Who I really am…or who I was, but will never be again.

I Believe...

Those who wronged me will get what's coming to them.