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Commission Art of Tsubame by Tommy Antonio Steven (tom764 on Sketchmob/ @tommyasteven on Instagram). Thanks Tommy!

Name: Tsubame
Sex/Identity: Male/Non-Binary
Race/Ethnicity: Asian-American
Age: 26
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Red
Complexion: Fair with light tanning
Blood Type: Classified
Height: 5 ft 7 inch
Figure: Muscular, Lean
Nickname: Dick Kickem

Who Am I...

Dick Kickem

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Locked and Loaded

My Story Is...

Tsubame was once a Lieutenant for the Olde Watch Military, and during their time in service they developed a rather callous reputation. Ruthless scorched earth tactics, a mile-wide violent streak both on and off the battle field, and a general sense of “Big Dick Energy” quickly made them a feared combatant and respected tactician.

After a World War left Olde Watch in ruin, Tsubame had taken a position of leadership to revitalize their home and redeem their people in the eyes of the world. However, in the midst of Olde Watch’s turmoil, Tsubame vanished. Temporal forces ripped them away from their home and flung them across realities. Memories were obscured by a multitude of lifetimes, but Tsubame always seemed to follow the same path no matter what reality they found themselves in… fighting for survival against monstrous odds and equally monstrous foes.

Now Tsubame had returned to Hellifyno, and even after a wild trip through dimensions they knew this place uncomfortably well. But how long had it been? How had the world changed in their absence? Although their memories were fuzzy and their weaponry modest the old soldier knew their mission. Driven by Deja Vu and powered by the rage of a thousand lifetimes, Tsuabame had returned. It was time not for war… but for answers.

My Appearance

An androgynous ex-soldier, outstandingly feminine in appearance though biologically male. Dark, vibrant red hair and blue eyes. Light skin covered with scars from a hard life on the streets as well as… whatever led to what they have become. Small framed and flat chested, but muscular. There is a tattoo on their right forearm: black ink line-art of a skull a mushroom cloud. There’s a distinct knife scar over their left eye, running from just under the hairline down to the middle of the left cheek.

They are most often dressed in what remains of an old uniform of The Watch: A Black and White military ACU lined with body armor (kevlar and steel plate vest with pronounced shoulder armor) adorned with the signature skull iconography of their unit. Most often their sleeves are rolled up to their elbows. They have many pouches and pockets for the various things they need to carry.

Tsubame’s most notable attire is their steel toe armored combat boots, with several applications that are unfortunate for just about anyone else…specifically the reason they’ve been nicknamed “Dick Kickem.”

In more casual situations they may lose most of their armor to stick to a black tank top and the usual bottom attire.


Where once Tsu would have had access to some of the most advanced technology and weapons on Hellifyno, their prolonged absence and lack of surviving connections to Olde Watch means they need to improvise a bit. Most of their kit is based around its reliability, ease of use, and stopping power.

-Yugoslav SKS Rifle (7.62×39 Russian, Bayonet, Rifle Grenade Sight/Muzzle Device)

-Saiga-12 Shotgun (12 Gauge, Drum Magazine, Door Breaching Muzzle Brake, Vertical Foregrip)

-Magnum Research Desert Eagle Handgun (.50 AE, Integral Muzzle Brake)

-Bowie K-Bar

-[Mighty Boot!]

-Body Armor

-Gas Mask

-Basic First Aid Supplies

-Big Dick Energy


Recently Tsubame was divinely inspired to begin work on their own customized firearm. The peculiar circumstances on Hellifyno give rise to peculiar innovations. Powerful foes require both raw fire power and un-compromised mobility to combat effectively, and Tsu believes they’ve found the answer. Although a bit impractical compared to SBRs and automatic shotguns, an SMG chambered in the powerful .50 Action Express cartridge would provide an astounding boost in firepower, with an average of 2-4 times as much stopping power as conventional .45 ACP submachine guns. With help from a sponsor, they’d been given the opportunity to bring their creation to life. Work has begun on the prototype for their new weapon, with the weapon likely full scale production once testing is complete.

Prototype: The AM-50 “Mammoth” Automatic Magnum SMG (.50 AE, Integral muzzle brake, 20+1 round magazine capacity). 

Created using

The AM-50 was built from the ground up with its powerful .50 AE payload in mind, with much of the weapon’s design aimed at maximizing recoil compensation and heat dispersion to allow for maximum control, reliability, and user safety. Even with all of its advanced features, however, it can still be difficult to handle. Due to the nature of the current prototype it is not suitable for sound/flash suppressors, so the .50 AE round coupled with the integrated muzzle brake mean the weapon is outstandingly loud. Combined with substantial recoil, automatic fire can be an uncomfortable experience both for an untrained shooter and nearby bystanders. Still, the uncompromising firepower and reliability mean that in the right hands this new machine gun can deliver exactly the kind of punch needed to protect oneself in the wild world on Hellifnyo.

My Secrets Are...

The truth about Tsubame’s past is a mystery, even to themselves. They have dreams of a childhood they always believed to be their own, but the gaps in their memory are… worrying. Is any of it real? Or is it all a fabrication to hide something sinister?

I Believe...

I will find answers and kill trying.