Intro Video


Don’t hurt me if you don’t wanna feel pain ^^

Who Am I...

Im just a depressed girl.. I’ve been hurt too many times before so now I get revenge. Hehe!

Romantic Interests

Anyone that doesn’t hurt me and doesn’t give me all that stupid sympathy

My Story Is...

I was once happy. But it didn’t last long. I got hurt too many times so now I don’t smile I keep this straight face or a frown. All I want to do is find someone who can relate to me so I don’t have to sit alone and if they can get me to smile that’ll be a bonus.

My Appearance

I have blue hair and blue eyes. I keep a straight face or even a frown. I wear a white and black shirt with a red bow on it. I have a red clip in my hair. I don’t wear dresses or skirts unless I have to but when I don’t have too I wear leggings. I have a Permanent K on my arm.


I have a Swiss Army knife.
A cellphone.

My Secrets Are...

I used to write a book of people I wanted to kill because they hurt me.
Had a brother named Tyler.
Caring once you get to know me.

I’m not human.

I Believe...

I’ll will find people who relate to me or I’ll get pizza