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Who Am I...

Tushiro-Kamadoya [OC]

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My Story Is...

There was once a kid laying down on the grass, it was raining that day, and someone came up and reached out an umbrella. “Come, it’s not safe here.” Says the mysterious yet charming boy, reaching out his hand to me. I grabbed his hand, and looked at him. He looked back, and said “I’m Hogatara. Call me Hoga.” I didn’t say anything, I felt like I was going to get kidnapped. “Where’s your parents, little boy?” … “I’m 17.” “Oh. Where’s your parents?” “Why do you care?” I looked away from him. “… Come with me.” I walked with him, and he led me to an abandoned cabin. “What’s this?” “Stay here.” I wonder what he’ll do next..

My Appearance

Tushiro is a short, depressed, boy who lost his parents. He most certainly has not a home or parents, he was hungry and cold. He has black hair, with bright, glowing, red eyes. He always wears black, over-sized, jacket which always covers his wrists. He covers it on purpose, covering his cuts. He’s a lonely Hybrid, claims to be a monster. Bad luck seemed to be following him around, so he doesn’t want his loved ones to care for him, or stay with him, because there is always bad luch with him. He always carries a backpack behind him, with some heavy equipment incase.


He carries around sharp objects, including knifes, and small pictures of his brother, who is the only family member who cares about him.

My Secrets Are...

… I sometimes take pills, and I’m bisexual. I’m also a hybrid, which I always try to keep that secret.

I Believe...

That I'll find my brother again, and be happy for once.



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