Venatus and Thexan Starkiller-Bloodmoon

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At age 9

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At age 18

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Name: Venatus Yazora Starkiller-Bloodmoon

Nickname: Ven

Age: 23

Race: Demonic Vampire

Height: 7’2”

Build: Athletic

Hair color: Metallic onyx

Hair style: Down spiky layered

Eye color: right blue left red

Likes: Kind people. To protect innocent people.

Dislikes: Arrogant, self centered, Narssistic people

Favorite food: Steak, Japanese food

Dislikes food: Cheese, biscuits.



Name: Thexan Sora Starkiller-Bloodmoon

Nickname: Xan

Age: 23

Race: Demonic Vampire

Height: 7’2”

Build:  Athletic

Hair color: Metallic onyx

Hair style: Down spiky layered

Eye color: Right Red left blue

Likes: Kind people, Reading and protecting those who are innocent

Dislikes: People that like harming people, Nassistic fools

Favorite food: Steak or anything meat really

Dislikes: Cheese and biscuits


Who Am I...

Dark force user demonic vampire mirror twins Venatus and Thexan and crown princes of Eos-Gaia

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Venatus and Thexan twins born on Persistance to a demonic vampire mother who was a darkside force user named Assji Starkiller of Vjunn their father is Noctis Bloodmoon of Eos-Gaian.  They are 23 years old but immortal with being demonic vampires. They are dark force users

The twins lost their mother during the flood on Hellifyno when the Kracken killed her. The boys were on a mission to Vyunn a planet far from home when it happened. They finally meet their father Noctis and he accepted them with open arms cause they were a spitting image of him so he knew they were his sons.


They are demonic vampires.

Background still under construction


My Appearance

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Venatus eyes: Right blue left red

Thexan eyes: Right red left blue

Both 7’2″

They are like a mirror image of each other

Their demon forms


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Pic with Dad




At 9 they have their lightsaber.

At 18 they are very skilled with their lightsabers and the force

At 23 they have mastered their dark demonic powers

They both have a ruby saber blade that contains the rare Qixoni (There is only two in existence and he and his brother have them so don’t bother copying it.) kyber crystals and a plasma crossbow gun

And can summon an armiger of 13 crystal weapons and use them as a spinning barrier or as a projectile weapon or as weapons themselves.

I Believe...

Darkness will darken even the purest of hearts