Ty Wakefield

Who Am I...

Ty is an Irish hunter who came from Ireland to America in the early 2000's. After fighting his way through demons, angels, and many other supernatural entities, he was wiped of his anti-possession mark, possessed with a demon and then brought to the planet as part of a scheme to initiate a new 'king' of hell that was, fortunately, not himself.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Before Ty was a hunter, he was a medical assistant in a small hospital in Ireland. His mother and father had long since pushed him out the door and he was providing for himself and his small family with his job. He was stable and reliable and often went above and beyond in his job which unknowingly led to his family being killed.


Ty’s story is quite like a number of other hunters from earth. One bad event ruined the supernatural for him, a pack of feral vampires killing his mother, his father, his sister, his wife. All it takes is one event to make a hunter and to be trained, of course, by several others. His first kill was a vampire, his last too, before the demon possessed him, but that’s for another story altogether.

My Appearance

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Ty typically uses whatever is on hand for his kills. He prefers a machete, though will typically switch it up with guns and other varieties of knives too. He will switch things up depending on what he’s hunting.

My Secrets Are...

Positive Traits:

– Stable

– Wise

– Organized

– Independent

– Spontaneous


Negative Traits:

– Libidinous

– Troublesome

– Subjective

– Profligate

– Venomous


Head Canon Habits and Issues:

– Talented actor

– Claustrophobic

– Raised by a wealthy family


I Believe...

Ty doesn't believe in much anymore. He's a hunter first, a lover secondly. If anyone he ends up with is supernatural, there's a chance they'll end up dead and by his hands. He believes in the knife and in other hunter weapons. That he is going to be killed violently one day because that is the only way for a hunter to go out.