Tye Sampson

Who Am I...

Former Lord Executive Dictator of the planet Hellifyno, Commander General of the Weavers Armies, Former despoiler of worlds, Former member of humanity

Romantic Interests

Ok fine, I'll do the talking. Just don't ask me about my Cat.

Relationship Status

We can talk

My Story Is...

I’m a whole hell of a lot smarter than all of you, and even though you think you know what I’m doing… you probably don’t

My Appearance

Expensive, finely tailored suits, crafted from the silk of the Mother’s spider hordes. Crystal blue eyes, with an intense gaze the belies the intelligence behind them. A pearly, open grin, set into a firm jaw, often dotted with just the tiniest trace of grazing stubble.Of course, when situations become stressful… he takes on a whole different appearance.


Alistasia, small Weaver inspired USB Net Spider that can interact with most artificial intelligence systems.A stone containing an entire universe that was created by Leon Sinte.Massive amounts of capital from my various… dealings.A sizable arsenal of Slayer tech Anti Magic weaponry

My Secrets Are...