Tyler Hari


Hey I am Tyler Hari!

Who Am I...

Tyler Hari

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Girls and guys

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My Story Is...

Tyler is a young cannibal, he loves to eat bad people, he loves to drink blood, and tea. Tyler grew up with many siblings that he truly cares for he would die for them all, his parents are different his dad killed his mom as his dad still beats him daily. Tyler just wants to feel safe and happy. Tyler met a guy one day and now he cannot get himself away from him he thinks of him non stop, he is always around him, he has tried many times to lose his feelings for him, but he can’t…so he is just stuck. Tyler loves to read, he can be quiet at times if he really wants to……To be continued.

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My Secrets Are...

I will not say

I Believe...

that all evil can be good