Lilith Rose

Who Am I...

A tired witch

Romantic Interests

men and women

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Lilith grew up in a strict Christian household, church every Sunday, prayers before bed, but something had always been missing. The woods always seemed to call her from her bed where she always prayed the Lord her soul to keep. At one point she walked into those woods and became lost in the beauty that surrounded her, she listened to every bird, every breath of wind and knew she was meant for something more than a church pew every Sunday.

Lilith packed her bags that night and left for the forest to never return to her home. While there, she found the Gods, the Fae, Vampires and so many things she thought were only fantasy. Now shes determined to become the best witch out there, she’s got her tarot and her witchy bag ready for whatever adventure is next.

My Appearance

Shoulder length charcoal black hair that usually has flowers or sticks in it, oddly pale and slender, usually wearing some sort of jean shorts and a crop top or sweater and green eyes


An over-the-shoulder handbag, A self-made sage bundle, tarot cards, a pendulum, a wallet with only money, a small athme.

My Secrets Are...

lost deep within the household I left them in.

I Believe...

in the old gods.