Nexmillion The Wanderer


You wanna some extra stuff bud? I got you don’t worry.

Race: Part Dragon and part [ReDaCted]. I am highly immune to poisons, and magic.

The Redacted is my mother, my father is just a normal human. My mother is a extremely rare monster that my father fell in love with and somehow made me somehow…

Wolf Info: Nexmillion have a massive wolf I call “Howler” it’s extremely big and rare they are 10’0 when there on there standing up. They have 5 purple eyes and they will grab you, break your leg, tear off a arm, and slowly eat you. Extremely hard to wound or kill. This was his last reward for passing his Final test to become be abomination.

Armored Stats: Health: 650/650 Def: 750 Stamina: 300 Speed: 450 Str: (with sword and shield) 3700

Berserk/Rage Mode with armor on: 2000/2000 Def: 900 Stamina: 100 Speed: 700 (shield and sword) 7400

Once Nexmillion resurrects in his armor on or without it on, he will slowly bleed out losing Hp until hes at 5 HP unless hes healed.

No armor Stats: Health: 150/150 Def: 5 Stamina: 200 Speed: 600 Str: (No armor or weapon) 50

Dragon Form stats: Health: 1000/1000 Def: 700 Stamina: 120 Speed: 30 Str: 3000

(This is his dragon form resurrect he wont bleed out in this form) White Dragon Stats: Health: 3000/3000 Def: 1000 Stamina: 80 Speed: 10 :str 6000

Nexmillion highly unlikely go into his dragon form even if he is about to die. Reason is he just doesn’t want to.

Howler stats: Health: 5000/5000 Def: ??? Stamina: 90000 Speed: 1000 Str: 400

If the howler is in a pack times all of its stats by 4 because there in packs of 4 or 5

This is how his Wolf looks

Who Am I...

Nexmillion Drake Wanderer

Romantic Interests

Girls that aren’t hopeless and that aren’t idiots.

Relationship Status

Well everyone knows just ask someone else (I’m Married)

My Story Is...

My story…alrighty then I’ll make it short. I use to live in a village that got burned down, I lost my parents there. Me and my sister had a horrible time on our own for three years until someone found us and took us to there village where we other step parents gave us to the monks and the monks spread down there, wisdom, fighting skills, and tricks to us. I got special training from the Yin Yang master “Zon” he taught special moves that would help me in battle like the Yin Yang Flame Fist. Me and my sister split when we were 17 to explore the worlds. I hope we cross paths again someday anyway. Then I started to train with my good friend Ticker after 2 years in the tundra cave called “The Princes home”. We started to serve this spear called  “The Prince”. The spear was in Ice that can never break but it had a voice that would speak to you. Me and ticker trained with the other servants. We were becoming monster called “Deep Knights” they killed everything in the tundra that they came across with there unbreakable spear. We were church knight then mini versions of deep knights. The test came were we got real Spears and we had to kill another church knight to finish all of our training. There were 10 church knights including me and ticker. We fought each other but we ended up killing another servant by mistake. (I trip and my spear went threw the servants heart he was on the floor dying.) Ticker killed another servant with ez. We were the only two survivors of the bloody mess. The spear gave us a crystal blue spear that can never break. Now we’re the Deep knights that roam out of the tundra…2 months later I passed my test to become a Abomination. After he lost a fight to advocate he felt ashamed and left the princes order and wasn’t the hopeful soul he use to be he started to go on more deadly adventures  to discover the meaning of what his redacted part of him is.

My Appearance

When I’m am wearing my armor I am 7’0 here is a picture

When I’m not wearing my armor I am 5’9, I have a scarf on that’s covering my mouth and I normally have my eyes closed.  Here is a picture 

When I am in my dragon form I am 9’0, my face becomes a dragon face, And I have a white giant spiked tail and wings that are white as well.


Skills: Perfectionist at the dark and light (yin and yang) fist abilities. Highly skilled with Spears, Swords, Bows, Shields, Crossbows, Traps, and Bartering. I am a well trained doctor capable of doing mouth surgery, spine surgery, and many more kinds.

Weapons: A wooden Bow, and a Sword and Shield

Abilities: Berserk/Rage, Yin Yang fire fist.

My Secrets Are...

Is there a point in me telling you such a deep thing? Ill be nice and pass you a hint Ill call it hm let’s see…ah! Yes I will call this hint mind your own freaking business buddy.

I Believe...

The world will hit you hard but you gonna keep going. (Slide me that coffee)