Intro Video


You need medical help or your just reading this without reason?

Who Am I...

Nexmillion Drake Wanderer

Romantic Interests

Girls that aren’t hopeless and that aren’t idiots.

Relationship Status

Why does it matter to you mate.

My Story Is...

My story…alrighty then I’ll make it short. I use to live in a village that got burned down, I lost my parents there. Me and my sister had a horrible time on our own for three years until someone found us and took us to there village where we basically learned everything to survive on our own. Me and my sister split when we were 17 to explore the worlds. I hope we cross paths again someday anyway. (This is very short version of my story.)

My Appearance

Seems pretty Legit (still you gotta slide me a coffee)


Skill: Perfectionist at the dark and light (yin and yang) fist abilities. Skilled with rapiers, great-swords, swords, bows, crossbows, daggers, and Spears. I am a well trained doctor capable of doing mouth surgery, spine surgery, and many more kinds. (still gotta slide me a coffee)

Weapons: Combat hand straps, Coffee, needles with deadly poisons.

My Secrets Are...

Is there a point in me telling you such a deep thing? Ill be nice and pass you a hint Ill call it hm let’s see…ah! Yes I will call this hint mind your own freaking business buddy.

I Believe...

The world will hit you hard but you gonna keep going. (Slide me that coffee)