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    My mind is drawn 
    To coming dawn
    Thoughts of thee,
    When I shall see
    Thy deep brown e’e
    Look in mine,
    Thy mind doth make
    For thine own sake
    Lands of might,
    Thy hand with skill
    Thy cra

  • Rage: the product of Hurt
    Deadly, it lies deep within
    Another side, shamefully hidden
    The wrath of gods
    Shame: the product of Rage
    Deeply wounds, in and out
    Flames that burn, every gout
    The pain of

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    My heart is overcome with joy
    My bones shake, the blush to avoid
    My hands wring, in excited fear
    For I know that my home is near
    Long it has been since here I trod
    Who knew I’d return alone but God?
    I was a

  • My hour of light
    To lift my soul
    To lift my soul
    And make me bright
    This light of grey
    Like tender mist
    Like tender mist
    And smoky day
    A bit of peace
    The fiery truth
    The fiery truth
    And sweet release
    My sw

  • Thou foul beauty! Thou onerous joy!
    Thou warmonger! Thou hate-breeder!
    Thou blight and bliss!
    Thou crushest lives! Thou buildest nations!
    Thou insect! Thou wildflower!
    Thou givest and takest!
    Thy deceitful lur

  • A word, a line, a page begotten A spell, a charm, a tale forgotten A thought, a hope, a dream stagnated A tear, a wail, a cry belated A tone, a sound, a note resounded A tune, a pulse, a flow rebounded A touch

  • Lightly bloom the blossoms, fairIn the height of SpringWhen the sun flow’rs skyward lookBy the merry streamO, ’tis when a fragrance, pureWafting on the breezeFlowr’s and trees have not this scentNor the honey

  • Ah, what trembling my mind takesAs tho’ quakesEarth doth shakeYet within semantic wallsLike church hallsMusic callsMy thoughts do amass on theeThy mind, freeWhat they beAlas, ’tis space I cannot treadAs tho’

  • White of mind, so graying softPulse of flow, of air so livedSighing grey, the hues of sleepStars of deep, the grinning peaceMelting sounds, the silent swarmWarming clouds, effulgent streamSoul in wings, or bed of