The Jerricksons

Who Am I...

Four brothers

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...


My Appearance

Jeremiah; The Oldest: 8’6″ Snow White Hair, Eyes like pools of crimson red blood, teakwood colored skin, and a physique that looks as if it were carved from the side of a mountain.

Jakob and Jackson; The Twins: 7′, Both boys have eyes like molten gold, caramel colored skin, and athletic builds that only give hints to their massive strength. Their eyes are the only things that separate them as Jakob has Silvery Grey Hair and Jackson’s is Smoke Grey.

Jerrick; The Baby: 5′ 6″ Hair Blacker than the darkest void, Emerald green eyes, dark cocoa colored skin, and is alight of build, lithe.


All of them carry a set of 4 throwing knives, a 3′ long hunting knife, two hand cannons holateresat their chests, and a handgun holstered at their ankle. However they do each carry a weapon unique to them.

Jeremiah carries a Warhammer

Jakob has two war axes

Jackson has a double sided spear that he can split in half and duel wiels

Jerrick uses a rapier

My Secrets Are...

A close kept thing.

I Believe...

In family above all.