Thaddeus Nicholas Nackle

Who Am I...

Thaddeus Nicholas Nackle (to my friends) Nik Nak

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to my work

My Story Is...

Hello! Greetings! And Salutations! The name’s Thaddeus Nicholas Nackle.

Case you can’t tell, I’m a Gnome. Stout and hearty and ready to party!

I’m a Tinkerer by trade making oddities and selling them to the highest bidder.

My size puts me at a disadvantage from time to time. Which is why I chose to build myself a Bodyguard. My Iron Golem companion that I’ve gone to calling Patty.

I have been saving up funds and collecting rare and valuable items of technology to study experiment and eventually buy my very own shop to sell oddities and Technologies. I’ll call it


It’s got a nice ring to it.

My Appearance

Just over 3.1 ft tall I’m about average for my race.

Pointed ears, rounded cheeks, and a smile sharp enough to cut steel.

Notable major differences I lost my right eye to an accident with some highly unstable chemicals. So what’s a Gnome to do. I made myself a new eye. Mechanical housing for a optical scanning arcane ruby linked directly to my brain.

Auburn colored hair with a thick curled mustache.

Dressed in work shop leathers and aprons it’s very useful to have clothing with more practical purposes then glamor.


Arcane Mechanical Eye

Tinkering tools

Patty (iron Golem)


My Secrets Are...

I tend to speak my mind so any secrets find their way to the surface one waybor another.

I Believe...

Life is evolving too slow, let Technology pick up the slack.