Can summon the ghost of the dead to serve me in battle I can steal souls or bind them to me I hold control over all elements I am able to feed off the sorrow of others to further increase my power when I brand someone I leave a light green handprint on their face and back my ring keeps me from death I am able to summon light green energy weapons

Who Am I...

Wraith of Sorrow

Romantic Interests

Love is nothing but a lie

Relationship Status


My Story Is...




New Lore    Now as the wraith of sorrow nothing matters to me but getting more power and hunting down all of those who would stand against me sorrow comes for all


Old Lore  Tyron grew up in a faraway land called Rowshin known for there master smiths and sword wielders Tyron grew up with his mom aunt uncle and grandfather he loved when his grandfather told stories of great wars and battles while his uncle taught him how to be a master smither and a master with a sword his mother and aunt would always talk to each other about how gifted Tyron was for he always seems to master whatever he puts his mind to and if someone challenges him to a battle it would always end in an embarrassing loss for his opponent and an amazing story to tell to his friends and family now at the age of twenty-three years of age he travels from place to place making huge amounts of gold silver jewels and whatever type of currency he comes across the reason behind making all of these riches is because he is a freelance swordsman he would help whoever pays him.

My Appearance

As a wraith of sorrow, he has long snow white hair light green eyes and snow white skin he wears a blue sleeveless shirt with a white a sleeveless jacket that is parted in the back and the sides black cloth pants and black boots






Tyron has jet black hair that hangs in his face at times but he usually has it pulled up in a small ponytail he is five foot eight with a slim build but has very defined muscles tan skin sky blue eyes he wears a loose-fitting white shirt the bottom right side of the shirt ends at his thigh wrapped around his waist is a gold leather belt the sleeves of his shirt runs down his whole arms and hang open at the bottom his pants are made from black cloth with patches in them his leather boots are brown and old on his right side of his waist he keeps his sword resting in its sheath strapped to his side  while resting on his back in between his belt  is a war ax


his light green sword and battle ax