Tolerith(revived god)

Who Am I...

A god of war and charity

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Single but interested in someone

My Story Is...


My Appearance

A man in a white suit


Tolerith wields his holy blade Lightbringer. Lightbringer was forged by Tolerith and his two siblings that he is the oldest of the triplets. The blade is forged from a metal found only in his universe called Seresium from which all godly weapons are made in that universe. Seresium has a property that strengthens magic placed in the metal so any weapon made of Seresium holds much stronger enchantments than steel weapons would and that is why Seresium weapons are fit for gods. Lightbringer is enchanted with Tolerith’s golden flames which when coming in contact with undead or demonic beings the blade will catch the target on fire ignoring some fire immunities and will continue burning the target into s pile of ash until the foe is nothing but a pile of ash. Once the foe is completely burned sway a burst of Hellfire explodes out from the now pile of ash catching any other undead or demonic creatures on fire with the holy flames making it useful for hordes of enemies. When used against none undead or demonic foes the blade will cause fire damage and will have a chance of casting the smite spell like a paladin randomly. The blade itself is sentient


Tolerith also has a magic ring that when activated will create a large shield with the symbol of a golden dragon curling around a soldier.


Tolerith also has many more weapons and also has multiple sets of armor all smithed by him and a lot of it enchanted

My Secrets Are...

I have had some serious counseling

I Believe...

I can make amends with at least some of Hellifyno