“Please don’t hurt me, for I’ve had enough… The others.. they know I’m not normal.

But is anyone truly ‘normal?’ Or are we afraid to see a person who is different from ourselves?

Im starting to remember things I wish I didn’t. I’m not entirely sure there’s a reason for my presence. What is my purpose?”


Who Am I...

Six the cannibalistic Monster..

Romantic Interests

Guys/Girls, Bi

My Story Is...

I found myself in a old room one day, and I basically forgot who I was.. to this day, I still can’t remember.
I soon realized that that room was only the beginning of a dangerous journey to escape. I made my way through it all though.
That was when I was Nine years old.
Now I walk the streets of a city I barely know, even though I have a small apartment.
I’ve lived with a curse for nine years which makes me hungry often, and can only be satisfied by human flesh and blood.

My Appearance

My short brown hair covers both my eyes, which are a beautiful shade of brown, but can turn red when I’m hungry.
I wear a dark grey oversized sweater that has a yellow eye in the middle of my chest. My pants aren’t visible because they are very short and covered by my sweater.
I have thigh high socks and yellow all-star shoes.


•Spiked collar
•Baseball bat
•Zippo lighter
•Apartment keys
•Weekly pay of 298 dollars

My Secrets Are...

{ she would scream for help, but there was no answer }
I eat people.. but only to survive. I don’t really like it, but it’s all I can eat without being sickened.
I have a friend who was separated from me during my childhood before I found myself in that room.
I have dark magic powers, which can absorb souls from people and lift them in the air, usually choking them.

I Believe...

Everyone deserves a chance