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“ Welcome to my world ladies and gentlemen … i am renowned by many names but i am mostly known as the mystery man or how i call myself Mr. Mystery “You must be asking yourself who is this man and why is calling himself like that ?.. well i am afraid i will not be able to answer because someone like me never reveals his secret. But you don’t have to feel disappointed my viewer because i will leave some clues around to your question. It will be up to you to find the answers to my name or my identity. Even so, i didn’t tell you who i am i am going to tell you how i am.  I do not believe in good or bad i just believe in myself. My words can be lies to deceive you or truths that you do not want to hear. since

Imagen relacionadaWell, my friend, my abilities are way too complicated to explain. So I am just going to say it in one word that you can comprehend Reality Warper that’s the best description to it. I can bend reality, I can create destroy, shapeshift into any object or animal. I also can travel between dimensions and see things and understand things beyond your imagination. My abilities are just limited by my own mind and body.

My Story Is...

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“My stories are 3 you should be the one who chooses to believe them or not it is your call, after all, they could be fake or real who knows.”