My Story Is...

Qa’Dar’s story begins in the frozen north of Solstheim, between the Skaal village and Castle Karstaag, back before the fall of Fort Frostmoth and the rise of Raven Rock. Even before the eruption of the Red Mountain over in Vvardenfell that sent ash raining down over the lush island, burning away the grass and trees and melting the glaciers away to nothing.

Qa’Dar was born with several unusual traits for a khajiit, the most obvious being her striking white pelt and silver spots. The other being her unusual control over frost and ice magic.

My Appearance

Species: Khajiit

Age: 23

Height: 4’11

Weight: 87lb

Hair color: White/silver

Eye color: Pale ice blue

Accessories: Shackles, seamless silver collar

Visible ailments: Malnurished, scarred fingers from claw removal


Seamless silver collar, shackles, white sheet.

My Secrets Are...

“None of your concern.”

I Believe...

"Trust is for the ignorant."