Ulric the Warden

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Ulric the Warden

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From the first time this man saw the Royal Guard of Glyld a Kingdom in a world where some weaker magic does exist but its just that weak magic and sadly Ulric never inherited any unlike his brothers and sisters, but he didn’t let this stop him. At age 8 he got his first dagger from his father who was a blacksmith at the time being and he went to work finding old trees weaker monsters and a few other selected items or creatures to practice on, since he did not have any magic he would need build up his strength, endurance, resolve, and spirit. When he turned 10 years old he discovered something with his technique it drew magic to the blade of his weapon he couldn’t summon it at will but it happened when he was in battle he first discovered this 1 month before his birthday when fighting a feral goblin and as embarrassing as it was to say the goblin was beating him but he wouldn’t give in not then not ever this awoke something in him and as he swung his blade the tip lit up with flame while the slash missed a slash made of fire flew forward incinerating the poor beast. Skipping forward to his 13th birthday the best day of his life in his opinion as this was the day the town guard asked him to join their ranks and help keep the peace and of course being the little soldier, he was he accepted the offer with pride. The guardsmen offered to pay for his armor but he said there was no need and he meant it as he asked his father to make him some and maybe a great sword since he had grown fond of using two handed weapons when he was given the chance to. And his father did without question.

After a 12 years of working with the guard force he was promoted to a captain in light of his battle against a goblin tribe that tried to attack a poor caravan was making its way into the forest his kill count for that battle was 15 including the chief. And if he was honest he like the position so much he stayed in it for 10 years before hearing news of a nearby kingdom declaring war on Glyld which caused Ulric to spring into action passing on his position to his assistant at the moment and running of and joining the new generation that were formed in response to the act he trained for almost a full year and when the time came he went to war. To him this was the right action he would do anything to protect those he cared for and for the place he called home but at the final battle, the siege of the enemy capital a large flaming rock struck near his group. His eyes were blurry there was a ringing in his ears from the loud crash he saw his fellow knights being cut down and he saw a man wearing a black hood and cape above him before he felt the sword touch his neck and the blood spilling from his neck as the light faded from his eyes as his body went limp. But then as he thought that his life was forfeit the light flooded into his mind and his eyes allowing him to see the world around him but something was wrong he wasn’t just lying in a bloody battle ground… he was lying in a grassy plain filled with life and no signs of a battle or a enemy capital he of course started to panic as he looked around confused and disoriented as he saw what appeared to be a nice little inn nearby and it was called “The Red Sun Inn.”. Before he decided to check it out, he looked at his apparel and it was the same as from the battle war torn with dents cuts burn marks and lying next to him was the same trusty Greataxe that his father has made for him as a small lad.

My Appearance

Grey Hair, Full Beard, Soldiers Physique and Frame, 8 foot0 tall, Multiple scars all over body


Blood Spiller.” His Trusty BattleAxe, (at the moment) Golden Paladin Commander Armor, A few healing potions and some small fuse lit bombs

My Secrets Are...

My Secrets are my own

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You can't always protect what you care for.