Alick Grey


don’t ask questions, just except it.

Who Am I...

Im a good dude

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Single as hell

My Story Is...

Joined the Rec when I was 13. I grow up in an Irish house hold.  My dad a being a son of a bitch hurt my mother…which he would regret. Tattered by abuse and neglect I joined the Rec when I was 13. I was on an enforcer squad which I was the only one to come out alive. After seeing the Rec forces leaders exploiting the powers of the “side stalkers”, I slaughtered part of their legion. I freed some but the legions enforcements over powered me and from that point on I would be a sword for hire under the name Alick Grey until the end of my days.

My Appearance

Hair: Amber brown
Eyes: Green blue
Skin: Light tan
Body type: Barley and muscular
Height: 6″4
Weight: 267 lbs
Attire: light armor, metal lions claws. steel armored boots and gloves. Wears a clock work mask.


Sword of the Rivertrail enforcers, neckless from mother, Shield of the enforcers, heart of the wolf.

My Secrets Are...

My real name is Gabriel Whitegruff and I am on the run from the Rec a military and weapons production company, for freeing some side stalkers and killing part of their legion.

I Believe...

in, loyalty, dont screw me over