Dir. Drake R. Barton


Confirmed Kills

Thanos, AU1, with Gauntlet incomplete stone collection
Thanos, AU2, without Gauntlet
Thanos, AU3, With complete Gauntlet
Thanos, AU3, resurrected
Doctor Doom, With complete Gauntlet
Captain America, Hydra brainwashed
Black Dwarf
Task Master
Many Hydra bases
Many Hand bases
Wolverine, Brainwashed
And more that I can’t remember at the moment


Companies Drake Owns

Stark Industries
Hammer Tech
Rand Enterprises

Roxxon Corporation







Particles III

Particles V



















Equipment List



Iron Man Suits

War Machine Suits


Hammer Drones

Iron Sight Drones

Arsenal Drones



Ultron Droids

[And more that I will list another time]


Who Am I...

I am the Director of Shield on my Earth. People have come to respect me and lead under my order. I protect the world from heroes and villains alike.

Romantic Interests

His worlds Captain America, Margaret Rogers

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

File Open
Drake Riley Barton

The Buzzard

Captain Shield

The Indestructible Man

World’s Greatest Assassin

Director of Shield

Captain America


Medical Summary

Age: Twenty-Four years

Height: 7 Feet 0 Inches ( 213.36 Centermeters)

Weight: 285 Pounds ( 129.273 Kilograms)


[Mental Health Summary]

The subject seems to be exhibiting mass amounts of disassociation.


-Disassociation Experiment One-

We put a large domestic cat in the room with him. He seemed to not want anything to do with it. It was unclear if he was threatened by it or if he just felt the need to kill the cat but he did. The cat was killed within a matter of 5 minutes of being in the room with him. Though, he did not do it slowly, in fact it looked like he was trying to do it painlessly. The subject is not showing signs of any sort of psychopath disorders. We must keep a close eye on it, however.


-Disassociation Experiment Two-

Day Two on researching our subject. We put a kitten inside the room with him today, instead. He seemed to recognize that the kitten was young and left it untouched. The cat yesterday was fairly old and due to go. We must research more.


The subject is showing to be able to combat mental warfare even under pressure. We gave him some shock therapy while asking personal questions. He still would not reveal any secrets he had about The Hand and/or Hydra. Efforts will continue.


We subjected him to more physical pain. The subject was bound by a rough rope and suspended. His head was bagged and he was continuously whipped. Still he bites his tongue and gives no answers. He seems to not have fear. We, on the same day, subjected him to many common and even rare phobias. He was left unfazed. Though, we shot him with a few rubber bullets to see if that would instil any fear and yet, he did not even blink. I noticed that his body deflected these bullets quite easily and there was no mark left over. We will need to order a Living Autopsy and Blood Testing.


[Blood Test Summary]

We found some abnormal traces of an unknown substance in his blood. It seems to be similar to our Super Soldier Serum. This substance seems to mostly trigger the senses. It looks as though his eyes are the most enhanced. I will be ordering for him to be injected with our latest version if the serum. We hope to see that our serum will correct the damages made by the synthetic serum.


We did have trouble finding a vein and the needle had to be forced through, a little more than usual. His skin seems to be thicker than normal skin. The synthetic serum seems to have created an extra layer of skin. I’ll have to get them to make that a priority in the living autopsy. He seemed to have not flinched at the needle, completely unfazed, almost as if he was used to it.


He also showed an extremely low blood pressure and heart rate. If we recorded correctly, he has almost an identical heart rate of a sleeping person. We can’t seem to find a reason for it. I suppose we’ll have to make that a priority on the autopsy.


[Living Autopsy Summary]

The doctor requested we check the skin first. The procedure took a few hours but we did find something interesting. There was, in fact, am extra layer created. It seems to be made of a flexible keratin. It seems gelatinous but with enough force it became more solid. It was still weak. However,  we found that it can withstand up to 690 pounds of force but we found that is only when it is electrically charged. With this being said, we believe if he is under enough stress his body automatically triggers this layer to tense and be able to take such a blow.


Upon further examination, we found that the heart beats slow due to the fact that he was made to be an expert marksman and be able to with stand extreme instances without oxygen. His fingers are callused, less around the palm and most around the middle phalanx of the index and middle finger. There is light callus on the ring finger. We found the most calluses are find on his right hand.


His muscle fibers are strange and we can’t make sense of it. Some are coated in an unknown metal. This metal is capable of absorbing electricity and it seems to convert it into force. The scaring on his  knuckles, suggest that his extremely active in combat. We still have not been able to find it’s breaking point. However we found when hit with over 6200°F. That implies this metal could a tungsten alloy. This will be sent to the lab for testing.


Physical Analysis

After putting him in the training room, no weapons and he was showing expert combat skills. I don’t even know what fighting style he was using. He was extremely fast.  He shows an amazing prestige in acrobatics. His reflexes seem to be at a peak and his processing speed was equal to it. Strategy seems at what he is best at at the moment. We slowly threw different metals at him from Titanium to a Magnesium Alloy, his strength proved to break through all of them. In fact, his stitches opened up and he still pushed on, fought, and succeeded.


We gave him swords. First, a short sword. He didn’t even use it like a sword, he used it as an anchor, so he can apply more force into his attacks. He actually broke the swords blade into small peices and threw them. His precision was incredible.


Lastly, we gave him a selection of guns. Assault Rifles, SMGs, Sniper Rifles, Hand Guns. I couldn’t tell if he used the Sights or Scopes on the guns but he never missed a shot. We gradually made him move further and further back, the further he moved back, the smaller the target. Until, he was 100 meters away, his target was a strand of hair and he shot it. Director Fury, is planning on putting him on the front lines. A Special Ops Agent.


Medical Analysis Cont.


We are checking back in him after we have injected him with our Super Soldier Serum. To our surprise he is exhibiting some extensive accelerated healing and a mass amount of durability. He is actually showing a strange effect of the serum. We haven’t seen this before but his blood is colder than normal. He invisible to all tracking. We tried inferred, Satellite, the dogs can’t smell him. Magical means were experimented with and they could not lock onto him, sense him, feel him. He is invisible. He will make for the greatest assassin.


File Close


S.H.I.E.L.D Personnel Only


Subjects Biography

From what we gathered he was taken away as a baby. He was kidnapped by The Hand in their hunt for their perfect soldiers. After, Elektra had failed to show her loyalty, The Hand had to find a better fit. Out of the many children they abducted, Drake showed the most potential. So they trained him, day in, day out, they conditioned him.


They turned him into there perfect killing machine. Taking out the hard to get targets. The Hand then became contracted by Hydra. Of course, Hydra hearing that The Hand had a great assassin decided they would put him through their extensive training too. Hydra injected him their Super Soldier Serum and then injected him with some nano particles that bound to some of his muscles.


Now he is an expert marksman and martial artist. Not only was he trained to be the greatest assassin but he is not being trained to be a soldier. They trained him to specifically combat Captain America, one of Hydra’s biggest enemies.


Unfortunately, S.H.I.E.L.D. arrested him after his attempt at assassinating Captain America. They took him in and tortured him for knowledge, they did not get anything. His brain was sealed shut. So S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to train him, too. They gave him their Super Soldier Serum and turned him into an assassin for them. Trained under Black Widow and Hawkeye, they seemed to match him best. Clint and Nat named him, hence why he has Clint’s last name.


All in all, Drake was trained to kill since he was a child. Grew up alone, no friends, no family, just him. Just him, his room, and his guns.


Superhuman Records


[Superhuman Senses]

His sense of sight and hearing are the most dominant. This allows him to have maximum accuracy.


[Immunity to Poison and Disease]

The Serum that Hydra injected in him made him impervious to Poison and Disease. Unfortunately, he cannot have children due to this.


[Superhuman Strength]

Drake is able to press up to 2 to 4 tons. This is excluding the amount of force the metal strands can exert. That is still unrecorded.


[Superhuman Reflexes]

His reflexes can combat those of Miles Morales Spider-Man. His ability to process things so fast helps him to react so fast.


[The Chameleon Ability]

Makes him completely invisible to any and all tracking systems except for one’s physically placed on him without his knowing. This includes magical means, he cannot be tracked magically.


[Super Conditioning]

This allows him to stay under water for over an hour. This also helps when on high peaks. The thin air is like breathing regular air.


[Accelerated Healing]

Small wounds up to broken bones and nerves are able to repair itself. The super soldier serum helps his body produce Stem Cells, which is capable of replacing and replicating specific tissues at an extremely rapid rate.


[Superhuman Durability]

He is able to take up to 50 tons of force before he reaches severe, critical, fatal damage.


[Martial Artist]

Drake knows many forms of Martial Arts including one that was mad up by Hydra, which includes a lot of gymnastics amd acrobatics.


[C] [High Processing Brain]

[C] He is able to Strategies on the spot. He has also learned and retained 50+ languages. He is able to remember everything he reads, sees, hears, and feels.


[C] [Natural Intimidation]

[C] He radiates a frightening energy. His eyes are as sharp as obsidian. His tone is enough to freeze over a continent. All this together tends to make people not to want get into any confrontations with him.


[BC]?Equipment Check Out?


[C] [Widow’s Bite]

[C] He had a set of Widow Bite’s specifically made for him. They have-


Electrocution – The Black Widow’s Bite main function is to deliver powerful electrical shocks to incapacitate the target.


Grappling Hook – The Black Widow’s Bite also contains a grappling hook able to support Romanoff’s weight and slow her descent in case of a fall.


Taser Disk Shooting – Black Widow’s Bite also shoots Taser Disks, which are small disk-shaped objects that deliver a electric discharge with the purpose of incapacitating and disorientating targets.


Electrical Blasts – Black Widow’s Bite’s new upgrade allows for a projection of focused electricity to knock the target unconscious or disrupt any electromechanical device from either a long or short distance.


Other Cartridges- These cartridges hold things like poisons, corrosive acids, extreme adhesives, etc.


[C] [The Suit]

[C] His suit is an average suit. Due to his abnormal capabilities, he doesn’t need a lot of armor.


Carbon Fiber Padding- The suit is padded with Carbon Fiber to allow for some resistance and it is light weight, easy to move in. This also helps increase how many pounds of pressure his skin can take before relying on his metal coated muscles.


Silenced Boots- His boots have very little vibranium in  it to allow him completely silent movement but only when walking or running. The vibranium also mames for good foot protection.


Magnetic Holster- The holster for the gun and knife are magnetic on the inside. The outside layer cancels out the magnetism so other things aren’t drawn to it. But this allows him for very vigorous movement and no worry of either thing falling out. To allow for a quicker draw there are no straps and that us why the magnet is important.

Vibranium Weave-The cloth of his suit is thinly woven vibranium. Meant to deflect any and all objects projected at him. This includes lasers less than 6000°C.

Oscorp Compression Suit- Underneath the top layers of the suit is a compression suit made by Oscorp. This protects the wearer from extreme heat, cold, and radiation. It also protects against weather.


[C] [The Gun]

[C] His main weapon always sits on his hip.


Proto-Adamantium Bullets- These bullets are specially crafted for his gun and will not be(should not be) seen anywhere else. These bullets are made of the same material that Captain America’s Shield is made from.


Security Lock- The gun will not shoot for anyone who isn’t wearing his gloves. His gloves have a specific type of magnetism that unlocks the barrel and allows for shooting.


[C] [The Knife]

[C] This knife rests as an attachment on his boot. He doesn’t normally use it. A Ballistic knife with a wire attached to it.


High Carbon Steel Blade- The blade, unlike most of his equipment, he saw as almost unnecessary and requested it not be cast in an expensive metal such as Vibranium or Adamantium. It is made from a high carbon steel capable of at least denting metals of almost the same material.


Steel Wire- It has a Steel wire, that is woven like a rope for better durability, on the inside. This is so he does not lose the knife but can also be used for tactical reasons.


Rubber Handle- The rubber hand on the knife keeps from electrocution in case he ever gets into combat with a user of electricity, or in case he comes in contact with an electrical device.


[C] [The Baton]

[C] On the opposite side of where his gun is, he has a collapsible tactical baton that is equipped with a high voltage LED flashlight.


Anti-Metal Vibranium Baton- The Baton itself is made of the Anti-Metal variant of Vibranium. Any metal that it hits with a hard enough blow, the amount of pressure needed is dependent on the metal in question, the metal will be destroyed. Shattered. Although, this does not work on magical metals or constructs. It is collapsible, it collapses into a foot long flashlight with a rubber handle. By flicking it in a downward motion, the baton will come out.


LED Flashlight- The light of the flashlight may shine brightly for thirty feet(10 Yards), will shine semi-bright for another thirty feet, and shine dimly for another thirty feet. It shines for 90 feet(30 Yards) of visible light and however man more feet for light that does not make things entirely visible. In case the baton gets jammed, the flashlight has an extreme hard plastic ridge on it for breaking glass amongst other brittle materials.

Plus whatever other items he may have at his disposal- Ex. A.T.H.E.N.Ai. his AI, Iron man/Warmachine armors, Quinjets, Helicarriers, Operatives, Black bird, etc.


[BC]Director Drake Barton of S.H.I.E.L.D.

[IC]Coming Soon


[BC]Captain America

After being comatose for so long, he finds that his lover is dead. So he uses her Shield and became Captain America.

My Secrets Are...

Access Denied