dying is easy, living is harder.

Who Am I...

I am all but nothing

Relationship Status

married to the ramen company

My Story Is...

I was never the type of person who liked enjoyed social activities. Coming here is a bit of  stretch. I’m well hated in college, mostly because in their mind, there is no such thing as a “fit” anime junkie. And I can’t argue with them. I disagree highly, although I’m a bit of a tech wiz and enjoy anime, it doesn’t mean I don’t like staying healthy. I really don’t, I just come from an Asian family that wishes for me to succeed in this cancerous society that we live in. Enough about lil ol’ me.

My Appearance

Appearance doesn’t matter.

yes it does, now shut up brain. Let’s see..where do we begin? Well seeing that you read everything..


I have no life..wait what’s this for again?

My Secrets Are...

I tend to be a bit of a flirt but inside…deep inside, I’m just looking for someone who I can trust and befriend..
Secrets? What are secrets?

I Believe...

that I was born to wither and rot.