UniSol Guardian

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As a Universal Soldier, I’m grateful I have more than one life to give for my country… – UniSol Guardian
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Who Am I...

Karl Deux AKA UniSol Guardian

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My Story Is...


My origins, I started life as Karl Deux, a normal child with a normal childhood in the year 2344. The single child of both military parents, life was as basic as it could be. Sent to a military academy prep school, I had the basic friend set up, got into the basic fights and arguments kids are known for. Life at the Academy prepped me for a life of Servitude in the Military. As I grew older, taking the necessary exams, I began excelling at General Dynamic Structures and Theory. Other fields began rising steadily, like General Combat Prep, and Combat Studies. After enlisting into the Army as a Combat Engineer Special Warfare Operations Demolition Expert, I was transferred over to a prep unit for Special Projects and OPFOR uses against Specialized Programs. During a ” Training Incident ” , I was killed. In 2371, at the age of 27, I had no Advanced Directive, or Living Will. Both parents had died of natural causes, mainly due to military service. My body was given over to the Department of Defensive Counter-Measures. This division is led by the Department of the Army and equally, the Department of Defense. With advanced sciences in the 24th century, I was given a new leash at a life. A second chance to offer and give more than I could ever imagine, in a way, I never could fathom. With advanced bio-engineering, and the overall enhancements able to be achieved in my time, I am a Hybrid Soldier of both the Spartan Warfare Project and Universal Soldier Industries and Enhancement Center. I am UniSol Guardian…

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My Appearance

UniSol Guardian has many armor and uniform appearances. With light, medium and heavy style armors for him to choose from, he has the ability to use each armor in different color coded combinations for each different mission. With some ability to cloak himself, he can only do so, while moving very slowly, or while stopped. Should he attempt a fast walk, or dash, the matrix input processors are unable to acclimate the visual surroundings fast enough, which in turn causes him to become view able to the naked eye. Although each armor setup does allow him some infrared cover and camouflage abilities, even from sensors and technology, he still gives off an signature, although it’s very minute.

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Height: 6’6

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Light/Dark Blonde

Eye Color: Hazel

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My Secrets Are...

Karl also was known to have an activated commission with the U.S. Marshall’s Agency. Normally a 
plainclothes type of officer, he did stand out, usually wearing easily identifiable clothing that left him the 

odd man out on more than one occasion. Keeping tabs while activated on every situation he could possibly 

handle, Karl had a tendency to enforce the laws, his way. 

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Earlier on, the body of Karl, aptly only known as Trey Geist, had lived previously as not only a Soldier, but as a Law Enforcement Official, in some capacity. Alot of the background on the body and life of Geist, is lost in paperwork. He had no family, no significant other, no one. He had volunteered for the program, and as soon as the official paperwork had went through, the young man had found himself being hunted, both off and on duty. Whomever was wanting him dead, tried numerous times attempting it to look like an accident. Geist could only surmise, the program he had entered, was wanting their donation, a little earlier than he anticipated. Getting into a gun fight, he was shot down. No one knows what happen to his body, and no one would, until his body was pulled out from cryostasis, years later, pulled from within a warehouse, found in an underground bunker. His capabilities were formidable while he was human, which means, the possibilities now, that he has been re-animated, with a tech enhancement, and bio-engineered for aggressive behavior and enforcement.

I Believe...

I am a Warrior, Not because I always win, but because I WILL ALWAYS FIGHT…